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‘Don’t lie on your life insurance policy!’ – Insurance Employee Shares A Sad Story About Why A Woman’s Life Insurance Policy Was Denied After She Had Passed

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya

Imagine losing a loved one and then when you realize they left life insurance but you can’t claim it. That’s got to be the most tragic scenario.

But according to one life insurance worker on TikTok, if you don’t fill out the application telling literally everything about any conditions you have, then your loved ones could wind up enduring this painful experience on top of mourning.

That’s so hard. And first of all, it has to be said, the experience of this poor man illustrated in this clip is so sad and I wish it had never happened. The only possible saving grace is that his story could help others from this sad outcome.

@opinionatedtanya told how a man had lost his wife recently but he wasn’t paid out on her life insurance policy.

Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya

Sadly the woman had not disclosed her illnesses when filling out the form, so when she passed, her claim failed.

The TikToker said: “This is why you should  not lie on your life insurance application.”

The man was confused and upset why the policy had not paid out after his wife had died.

And the worker had to explain to him that her “passing was an underlying condition” and thus something that should have been disclosed by the woman when she made the application.

Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya

She added: “The claim was rejected not because of what he did, but it’s because of what his wife did, or better yet didn’t do.”

What a really tragic situation for this man who’d already lost his wife and what a difficult place for this worker to be in.

No one would ever want to see a loved one lose out on life insurance. It’s the last thing anyone would want to see.

But the clip has made it clear to people that if they don’t disclose about illnesses, their loved ones might experience this awful situation too.

Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya

She explained the insurance company didn’t know the woman had diabetes and added “nor did we know she had kidney failure because of the diabetes.”

The widower wound up only receiving just over $3,000 refunded to him for the premiums his wife had paid. But he didn’t receive any of the life insurance he’d been expecting and that his wife wanted him to have. Just so sad.

If there’s one lesson that can be taken away, it’s that everyone needs to be honest about illnesses on life insurance forms.

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This is common, according to this poster. So sad.

Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya


Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya

Lots of Qs to this post!

Source: TikTok/@opinionatedtanya

Ack… my heart still aches for this guy. What a devastating blow!

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