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Employee Lost His Job Because Of His Boss’s Power Trip, So He Gathered Some Dirt On Her And Got Her Job

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s not okay when your superior at work tries to use their power to fire you for no good reason.

I don’t know if this is the whole story, but if it is, this is just plain spite.

OP was tired of the power trip and did some sleuthing to try to take this senior manager down.

Here’s how this office drama went down.

Senior manager gets me fired. I turn things around and get her job and salary, plus see her break down and then let her know exactly how I got my revenge.

I was hired by a company as an assistant manager, a job I was well qualified for.

The owner is rarely on-site as he owns several businesses.

The company is run by a GM, who hired me, but who works mostly second shift and who I therefore would have little daily contact with since I was hired for first shift.

I was assigned to Eva for training. Eva was a manager and had been with the company five years.

I trained with her for a few days and then I was on my own, though she and I had overlapping shifts and would see each other a few days a week.

We were friendly but not close. After a few months I was doing well at my job, and had even gotten some new procedures adopted to help boost sales.

OP found out that good performance doesn’t necessarily mean job security.

Eva began to act resentful. She would correct me for small things and took any opportunity to remind me that she had trained me.

It didn’t matter to me – she wasn’t my boss, I reported to the GM. So I mostly just ignored her.

What I didn’t know, was that Eva was not just tight with the GM but they had worked together at another place for 10 years before this one.

One day at shift end, GM asks to talk. Tells me it’s not working out, says I’m still making mistakes at six months that I shouldn’t be.

I ask for examples. A few of them were petty matters Eva had mentioned, but most of them were just not true. I tried to argue but it was clear that I was set up.

OP went looking for dirt, found a big pile of it, then turned it into a garden.

I decided to reach out to the owner since I had nothing to lose. He was sympathetic but said he relies on GM to run the business and had to support her decision.

Then he mentioned that if things hadn’t been so bad between me and Eva, it probably could have been worked out. T

hat’s when I knew she was behind me being fired from a job I needed, really liked and was making great money…and I vowed to get revenge.

I started searching her online info. In less than an hour I had uncovered gold thanks to one of those pay services – about three months prior, Eva was arrested and charged with DWI in a neighboring state.

The court records showed she had a hearing coming up in a few weeks. That was enough to get her fired. It affects a professional license she and I had to have as management.

Per state law, license holders must report criminal charges to the licensing board, and in the case of a DWI arrest, licenses are typically suspended pending trial.

Eva’s not so tough now that she has to pay for her actions. I’m happy for OP!

I called the owner and told him what I discovered. It was news to him. I guess since it was out of state, Eva was keeping it secret. Maybe she was hoping to get let off the charges.

The next day, the owner called and said Eva was fired. He thanked me for telling him about her DWI, apologized for how I was fired, and offered me Eva’s position and salary. He asked me to come in the next morning to meet with him, and to cover Eva’s shift. I accepted.

That alone was sweetly satisfying revenge, but what happened next was the icing on the cake. I got to work extra early, met with owner and GM and we all agreed to start fresh.


It was still an hour before opening and I was in the back of the place when I heard the front door chime.

When I came out a few minutes later, Eva was there, tears flowing, begging the owner for her job back.

She obviously didn’t know I was there, because when she saw me her whole body seized and her shocked expression was priceless.

I walked right by her, staring her down with a shitty grin, and went outside.

This might have been overkill, but it probably felt so good.

Eva came out a minute later and wouldn’t make eye contact. As she walked away I said, “good luck on the 23rd.” That was her court date.

Let’s see what the commenters thought.

In my opinion, this person is super naive.

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I could taste it, too. Revenge really is sweet!

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Sometimes when you take initiative to make a situation better, the results are super satisfying.

Even if your job isn’t necessarily secure.

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