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Grandparents Set Up A College Fund For Him Because His Parents Won’t, But Then His Parents Want To Use The Money To Cover Sibling’s Medical Expenses

by Ryan McCarthy

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Anyone with siblings knows that some preferential treatment from parents, especially for the youngest, is par for the course.

Maybe your parents started out strict, but got increasingly lax with each subsequent kid. Or maybe they just couldn’t be bothered after dealing with their oldest!

Anything from different chores to leniency with curfews is pretty standard, but for some families, the favoritism runs MUCH deeper.

Like this user’s story, where his parents saved money for every one of his sibling’s futures but him, then wanted to use the money set aside by OP’s grandparents to pay for his sister’s surgery!

Check it out!

AITA for refusing to hand over my college fund for my little sister’s surgery?

I (17M) am the oldest kid in my family. My parents have two bio kids; me and my 12 year old sister and they adopted my 4 other siblings.

I had dozens of foster siblings over the years as well. My parents have struggled to make time and have the money for all of us. It has meant a lot of sacrificing and mostly on my part.

My parents were able to make sure all my younger siblings had at least one activity outside of school to do but they never did that for me.

I was forced to play football when I was 5 but by the time I was 7 my parents had started fostering and I was no longer doing that. My siblings all get to do something they like.

Cora does dance for example. Some of my other siblings are in music classes.

But the preferential treatment didn’t end there.

The younger kids were also prioritized with school field trips. So they always got to go while I haven’t since I was 6.

The last time I asked was when I was about 9 and my parents told me to work for the money to pay.

My grandparents found out what they said and gave me the money and my parents took it off me to use for the household. My grandparents were so mad at them for that.

They delayed my tonsil surgery by 2 years because they prioritized 2 foster kids and two of my siblings surgeries over mine.

And when OP’s grandparents realized what his parents were up to, they decided to do something about it.

My grandparents saw how much I was getting the short end of everything with my parents and they set up a college fund for me.

It’s a lot of money and really caught me off guard. My parents know about it but cannot access it.

They only know because of a fight with my grandparents over the lack of saving for my future when they have saved something for my siblings.

My parents said the money my grandparents saved should be divided equally because $350,000 is a lot to save for one grandchild when you have multiple.

Meanwhile, OP’s sister was going through a tough time with serious stomach problems.

That money is still there and I have plans for it. But my youngest sister is 5 and she needs a pretty major stomach surgery.

She’s had a lot of health troubles since her birth and my parents have paid a lot of money on her medical expenses.

They were told this surgery could turn her life around and give her a chance at living with less pain and stomach complications.

It could give her a more normal childhood because she can’t do a lot.

But when they didn’t have the money for her surgery, they went to OP.

They don’t have the money for the surgery and they want me to give them the money to pay for it and for the expenses afterward.

They said they need $270,000 for the whole thing and maybe they can give some of it back but they might need even more if stuff gets more complicated.

I told them they can’t have that money and they lost it and told me I was being selfish and I argued back that they take from me all the time.

I asked why they didn’t take the money they saved for all my siblings and use that, why does it have to be mine.

They said I am putting college before my sister’s future and accused me of being unwilling because she’s my sister through adoption and not my bio sister. AITA?

What a terrible situation to be in, especially with the added pain of feeling like your parents care more about your siblings than they do about you.

But OP makes a good point, why does it all have to come out of his fund, while the savings for his other siblings remain untouched.

Reddit was definitely on OP’s side, and many even thought his parents’ story seemed more than a little suspicious.

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This user thought the same, saying an adopted foster child would have their medical needs paid for in the US.

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This user even thought that the parents were flat out lying in an attempt to get the money.

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And this commenter thought that it seemed like they made the choice not to save for OP, and suggested moving in with his grandparents.

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And finally ,this financial wizard even realized 270k would be the exact payout of liquidating the fund after paying taxes!

Source: Reddit/AITA

OP needs to move in with his grandparents ASAP, it seems like they’re the only ones actually looking out for him!

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