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His Mother-In-Law Took Back His Daughter’s Holiday Gift, So He Took Back One Of Hers

by Trisha Leigh

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The holidays can be tricky if you don’t have an excess of cash to make everyone’s day merry as well as bright.

It seems from this post, though, that having the money for gifts doesn’t automatically make everything hunky-dory, either.

OP had a good year at work and was looking forward to splurging on his family for Christmas.

This year I got a new job that has been paying me very well. Therefore, for this Christmas I decided to splurge on everyone .

In particular, I spent a lot of my money on my nine year old daughter and she deserves in 100%. She has been pushing herself in school, helping around in the house without being asked, and always being the kindest soul you’ll ever meet.

He bought his 9yo more/better gifts than she typically got.

However, when my mother in law came early in the morning and saw how the gifts under our tree were much more than usual she asked why. I told her I bought everyone a bunch of gifts, including her.

She then proceeded to ask how much gifts I got my daughter and I told her about 3 big gifts and 3 mini ones.

His mother-in-law thought he was “spoiling her” and took back her gift.

Apparently, this outraged her because she started saying that a nine year old did not deserve that many gifts and she would be taking away the gift she bought my daughter so that my daughter wouldn’t be too spoiled.

I told her that was unfair especially since my mother in law promised my daughter a doll for Christmas and my daughter was looking forward for it.

My mother in law said let it be a lesson to my daughter that in life she cant get all things she asks for.

So, he took back the gift he knew she really wanted.

Look I understand that, but its not like I shower my daughter in gifts everyday. And if anything Christmas is the day you are supposed to spoil your children.

But my wife told me to let it go and it was her mothers gift and therefore she could do anything she wanted with it and her mother agreed saying it was her right.

And if we were going to play with that ideology then so be it. I decided to remove the 600$ designer bag I got my MIL, the thing I knew she wanted the most, and gave her a 40$ robe instead.


Once my MIL opened her present she was disappointed asking if that was all from me, because everyone else got increasingly more expensive gifts from me. And I said yes and apologized if I disappointed her but we cant always get the gifts we hoped for.

This left both her and my wife extremely furious, but hey the MIL got enough gifts I wouldn’t want to spoil her!

Why can’t people just keep their mouths shut?

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All that matters is that your kids are grateful.

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After all, the gifts aren’t the most important part.

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No one had anything nice to say about the mother-in-law.

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This woman needs serious help.

Talk about a Christmas Grinch!