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Insane Neighbors Hide His Trash Cans So The Garbage Won’t Get Picked Up, So He Makes Sure The Trash Company Skips Their House

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Neighbors can really be hit or miss. Ideally your hoping for someone you could spend time with, get to know, but I think most of us would just settle for someone who minds their own business.

But not all neighbors are built the same, and some seem to be absolutely bent on causing you as many problems as possible.

Whether its the maintenance of your lawn, petty noise complaints, or parking rights for the sidewalk; there’s always something bothering them.

But this user’s neighbors took it to a new level when they secretly moved his trash cans so the trash company wouldn’t pick them up, all because OP didn’t have them out right at 7am!

Check it out!

My neighbor told me I couldn’t put out my trash, so I put his on vacation hold

So I rent a house with my husband and two of our friends, it’s a 5 bedroom house. Rent is outrageous in our area, $2400 for a 1 bedroom apartment.

So we found this house for $3000, not a bad deal while we save up to buy a house.There are other houses in the neighborhood like this as well.

Our next-door neighbors’ house is a five bedroom and they have nine people living in their house… so it is chaos over there all the time.

In our neighborhood we can choose the trash company so it just so happens that we have the same trash company as the next-door neighbors.

But this small coincidence ended up causing some serious frustration for OP and her housemates.

Our trash company does like us to have the trash out by 7 AM, we don’t always get it out that early though and that’s where this problem started.

Most of the time they don’t pick up our trash until 11 AM so obviously, as long as the trash is out before trash pick up gets here, they can take our trash.

The people next-door have three trash cans, and they are overflowing every single week.

But their neighbors’ trash soon became an all-you-can-eat buffet for the neighborhood critters.

They put their trash out the night before but unfortunately our neighborhood has raccoons and foxes so the trash is always getting broken in to.

Last time a raccoon got into their trash it left a mess in our yard and they wouldn’t pick it up. I was pretty pissed about it but I just let it go cleaned up their trash.

I did go and put it back in their trashcan and they just sat out front glaring at me while I did that.

And OP says this is where the real problem between them and their neighbors started.

A couple weeks ago, I didn’t get our trash out until almost 9 AM. All four of us was sick with Covid, I was on the mend and feeling a bit better but I slept in and forgot to put out the trash.

So I go to put the trash out and my neighbor starts yelling at me saying you were supposed to have your trash out by 7 AM you can’t put your trash out now.

I said well they haven’t come and picked up the trash yet so it’s not a big deal.

He said no that’s the rules, your trash has to be out by 7 AM, if it’s not you can’t get your trash picked up this week.

I said I understand that they want the trash out by 7 AM but they haven’t come and picked it up yet so it doesn’t matter, so I went ahead and I just walked inside.

What is this guy, the trash police? Why does he care? But OP soon realized his neighbor was a different type of crazy.

I went back to bed and a couple hours later I get up to see that our trash cans were put to the side of the house, still full of trash. So that means that someone moved our trashcan.

Our other neighbor came up to me the next day and said that she saw him put our trash can back.

She didn’t know the situation so she wasn’t going to butt in and tell him to not do that.

OP wasn’t going to let that slide, so he set about getting his trash revenge.

Our neighbors are also very proud about their last name. They literally have a flag in their front window with their last name.

So I called the trash company and I said that I was Mrs. XYZ and I needed to set up a vacation hold for our upcoming pick up.

They said no problem we won’t pick up your trash next week. They legit only asked for the address, no other information…

The next week I made sure that our trash was out at 6:45 AM then I sat and I watched for the trash truck and I watched them come past the house.

And even though he knew he was in the wrong, OP said it felt amazing to see them pass right by his neighbor’s trash cans!

They drove past my neighbors house didn’t pick up their trash, even though their trash was overflowing, picked up ours and the other few people who also have them and left.

I know I’m a jerk for doing this, you don’t need to tell me, I may have crossed the line.

But he also crossed the line by touching our cans and moving them and setting foot on our property.

Who knew trash day could be so contentious? It’s like a turf war over a can of empty milk jugs and beer bottles!

Reddit was in awe of his revenge, with this user commending the subtlety of his payback.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user, on the other hand, would have done something a little more blatant.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person wondered why the trash company wouldn’t just pick up the trash anyway.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user wondered why the neighbors would even care in the first place about the 7am rule.

Source: Reddit/AITA

When the Bible said “Love Thy Neighbor”, I don’t think they were talking about this guy!

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