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Manager Hired His Useless Friend Instead Of Promoting A Respected Worker, So He Got Revenge And Got Them Both Fired

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Deadlock1989

It’s a story as old as time itself…

The folks in charge pass up qualified candidates so they can hook up their friends with comfy jobs…and their friends are usually totally incompetent.

It’ a huge bummer…

But this story has a happy ending!

Take a look at what went down!

Pass me for manager promotion and hire your useless credit stealing friend, I’ll destroy your career.

“This is not my story (got permission to post from the prorevenger himself) but due to nature of events i don’t mind my account being made into a sacrificial lamb if it got back to people involved as my account is essentially expendable.

So the story, Dave has been working for an I.T programming company for just over 9 years, getting a good rep as a hard worker and all his colleagues knew him and can trust him to be a big help in times of trouble, like during big difficult projects for major clients.

It seemed like he would get the job.

Daves manager (john) was planning to retire and thought dave would be a good replacement so put his name forward as a recommendation and started showing him the ropes of his potential new job just to give him a glimpse of what he may be asked to undertake.

A month later john puts in his notice of retirement and dave’s department manager (michael) starts the interview process.

Some character info. whilst john was a good manager, very people friendly, michael was not. All michael cared about was numbers and reports, he didn’t even know who most of his staff was nor did he have very much interaction with them.

Back to story, michael had started the interviews to fill john’s position, dave being one of the interviewees and dave thought the interview went really well. A few nervous months later michael announces the new manager, it’s an outside employment not an internal promotion.

He was bummed, but he understood…

Dave was disappointed but brushed it off as “there is always someone better for the job”, but in less than a week he realised just how wrong he was.

The new manager (darren) was below useless, he didn’t know how to spell ‘computer program’ let alone write one, turns out he was old friends with michael and michael had helped him fabricate his resume to get him the job.

This wasn’t good…

The news quickly spread to all the programmers but there was nothing they could do as michael was the person all complaints had to go through and he buried all of them. So no one above michael knew of darrens incompetance.

Darren from day one had been pushing all his work on to others and then claiming credit for the work they had done getting bonuses for completed work he didn’t deserve, darren spent his days watching movies, napping, playing games and occasionally pretending to be a manager when the need arose but never wrote a single line of code.

After 3 months of this the extra work load was starting to effect dave and others but talking to michael would do nothing so dave devised a plan to sort it out.

Let’s do it!

Time for the pro revenge, dave had talked with all the other programmers and agreed next time darren pushed a major project onto them to purposely sabotage the work, not in a big way just enough to cause some bugs and glitches that will really light a fire under michael and darren.

It took about another month but a really big project came in, immediately darren started pushing his work onto others and stealing credit so the plan was put into action. It was easy to accomplish, especially as darren had no clue about coding and michael didn’t care as long as the project was done in good time.

Uh oh!

The project was done, saved and sent to the client with almost all of the major work credit being stolen by darren, it took less than 2 days for the client to call back complaining about how the new program has damaged his systems and was wrecking havoc on his company, the client wanted it fixing and a full refund.

The bosses were mad at Michael, michael tried to shift the blame onto darren, darren tried to shift the blame onto the programmers, dave and the programmers just pointed out the program wasn’t their project and denied any involvement in it’s development, which brought the attention back to darren.

The fallout.

With the bosses coming down on darren for what happened he confessed he lied on his resume and he ratted out michael about how he helped him fabricate it.

Out the door, you go!

Dave and programmers denied any wrong doing just stating darren must of damaged the program some how, Michael and darren were promply fired and replaced, dave and the rest fixed the “errors” that “darren” had created and the client was happy.

In the end dave didn’t get the promotion but left the company a year later for a better job.”

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That’s how revenge is done, folks.

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