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Mom and Little Sister Treat Older Sister Like She’s Trash, So When They Ask Her To Tutor Lil Sis She Tells Them To Shove It

by Addison Sartino

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Being a teenager can feel incredibly isolating, especially when you lose a parent.

Especially x2 when that is the only family member in the house you connected with.

This girl took to Reddit to share her story.

My parents had me (16f) and my sister (14f). We lost our dad a few years ago.

My mom has heavily favored my sister since she was born. To the point she has raised my sister to be a pretty crappy person to be around. At least she is to me.

The girl’s father was her only lifeline.

Dad noticed it and called mom out and at some point they did therapy where apparently it came to light that the grandmother she named me after, was a person my mom had a lot of resentment toward.

Why she named me after her then I will never really know. She claimed not to realize at the time. But she at least has some resentment toward me based on that.

She also had some PPD when I was born and claimed the early months with me were a very dark time.

The mom unfairly and blindly supports the little sister.

Whenever we fight, she takes my sisters side regardless of what happens.

Sister takes food off my plate? Won’t get in trouble.

If I yell at her for it? I get punished.

If I take food off my sisters plate in return? I get punished.

Sister takes something from my room? Nothing said.

I bang on her door after she locked it and try to get it back? Punished for harassing my sister and making noise.

I tell my mom about this stuff happening? She says something about learning how to share or my sister being the baby or my sister needing more so let it go.

Her little sister constantly tells her hurtful things.

My sister loves to gloat that mom loves her more.

My sister has told me that mom has told her she loves her but tolerates me.

My sister told me mom wishes I had died instead of dad.

She told me they talk about that stuff.

She also told me after dad died mom pulled all the money from my college savings and put it into hers.

It’s never enough…

My sister also lies to mom and claims I did stuff when she feels like I didn’t get in enough trouble recently.

In June she got me grounded for the whole month by breaking her laptop and claiming I had done it. She knew it would be believable too because I resented mom for buying my sister a brand new gaming laptop while I had to buy a really cheap second hand one myself, with money from my birthday and Christmas.

Mom didn’t even let me say anything and my sister gloated that mom will always believe her over me.

The only time the girl is needed is when it pertains to her younger sister.

It came to my mom’s attention a few months ago that my sister is struggling in school in a couple of places and she can’t seem to catch back up easily. But I always had good grades.

I could even graduate early in theory, if my school offered that. They don’t. My mom is aware of this from past years.

So she told me a couple of weeks ago that I need to start tutoring my sister before she gets into a hole she can’t climb out of.

The girl stood her ground.

I told my mom I won’t help my sister. Mom told me I will and it’s my duty to help.

I told her to spend money on a tutor for her favorite daughter because I won’t do a thing to help either of them with this.

I told her they don’t deserve my help.

Mom asked how I could put my sister’s future at risk. I shrugged.

Mom called me names and slammed a door when she left me.

Of course this only fuels the younger daughter and mother’s relationship.

The tension is high because of this and my sister is loving it.


Reddit users were sympathetic to the girl’s situation.

One person called the mom straight up awful and suggested emancipation.

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Another reader asked if living with another relative is an option.

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This person pushed for the girl to bring everything to light.

Source: Reddit/AITA

My heart goes out to the writer.

You deserve better!

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