March 9, 2024 at 10:41 am

‘My manager bought me a hotel room.’ – Bartender Shares A Story About Moving From A Bad Job To A Great One, And It Seriously Warmed People’s Hearts

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

It’s hard to get a good job and it’s even harder to get a great boss but if you get them, hang right on to them – they’re worth gold!

Someone who knows all about how vital it is to have a good boss, is @faithmers and if you’ve ever had a bad boss, or you’ve had all the luck with a great boss, then you are going to so hear what this woman is saying.

She took to TikTok to thank her boss for putting her safety ahead of everything. But first she gave us all a dose of reality and told how she’d had to work for a BAD boss first of all before hitting the job jackpot!

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

“A year-and-a-half ago I got fired from a bartending job because after a 14-hour shift on Valentine’s Day…. I was pouring drinks like this.”

The Tik-Toker showed how she’d been pouring unenthusiastically and without a smile and that was enough to get her fired!

Wow. Her boss clearly didn’t stop to think she might just have been exhausted!

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

She explained she was now bartending in St Louis, Missouri and it had been snowy and icy all day and instead of her boss giving her a hard time for no apparent reason, he’d just been a decent human instead. Yay!

“I was so scared to drive home because I live 40 minutes from work,” she explained. “My manager bought me a hotel room, so that I would be safe and sound.”

She said this was a boss that cared about her as a person “and not just an employee.”

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

Now, how can you NOT love that. This boss is just clearly one of the best bosses ever and we need more of those!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

These responses sure show a contrast!

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

So true!

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

And people shared their stories…

Source: TikTok/@faithmers

Some employers just can’t get out of their own way.

Glad to see there are still some good ones out there!

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