March 29, 2024 at 10:36 am

NASA Employee Shared About Why The Space Agency Is Forcing Workers Into Lower-Paying Jobs. – ‘We have to demand higher wages.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/leftistmommy

Well, this sure doesn’t sound good…

A woman who recently survived a wave of layoffs at NASA said that companies are trying to force employees into low-paying positions.

Her name is Kate and she explained that surviving the company’s layoffs was “the worst relief I’ve ever felt.”

Source: TikTok/leftistmommy

Some parties are blaming Congress for NASA’s gridlock and layoffs, but Kate said, “Yes, I’m thankful to have a job. I also don’t feel safe because the layoffs are just going to keep coming for all of us—not just NASA, not just government employees, but everybody.”

Source: TikTok/leftistmommy

She added, “I really want to encourage the working class—we are all the working class—that these layoffs are being done systematically to get us back into lower-paying jobs. They’re trying to counter-correct for the Great Resignation where people were leaving their jobs, they were asking for more money.”

Kate continued, “I’m not saying that NASA is consciously doing this. I’m saying the market—which we pretend is like this omnipotent force, but it’s not—the market is wanting to get us back toward people slaving away at their jobs, feeling like they’re so grateful to [be] making $15 an hour.”

She ended her video by saying, “We have to stick together. We have to demand higher wages. We have to demand better benefits.”

Source: TikTok/leftistmommy

Let’s see what’s going on here…


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And this viewer thinks unions are the way to go.

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It’s tough out there…

No doubt about it!

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