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Petty Manager Puts Worker Under HR Watch After He Questions Her, So He Requests She Be The One Watching Him And Makes Her Life Absolutely Miserable

by Ryan McCarthy

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Nothing grinds your gears at work more than a boss who think they’re above being questioned.

And ironically, they’re stubbornness is what usually ends up derailing all of the important projects!

So when the opportunity arises for you to take your sweet sweet revenge on that boss, you have to take it.

Well that’s exactly what this user did, when he made the manager who request he be monitored read every single comment, communication, and file he used throughout a period of weeks!

Check it out!

Do you want to put me on watch? I’ll request you to watch me then.

My story begins working for a financial institution (heaps of overworking and abuse), and we were contractors from a company in Brasil.

We easily worked 12+ hours daily as we had to deploy stuff at midnight since it was a critical app.

I was online all the time, I took all the heavy fire from the client who dealt directly with me.

I had a manager who did nothing and despised me because the team loved me. She didn’t knew the teammates names and things like this.

And OP said their team was absolutely essential to the institution’s operations.

 We were the only team to have a planned schedule set up the month before and everyone relied on us, client side and contractor company side.

I was the only one on my team where the client had my cellphone number and they never complained.

My manager loved to give EVERYONE’S phones to the client so he could call devs non stop: Saturdays, Sundays, and whether the moon or sun on the sky.

OP said he was basically the only one with a backbone!

I’ve been the first one to put my foot down with this.

But the second time she tried to send a 2-month female intern alone to work with an all-male team FROM ANOTHER CONTRACTOR COMPANY.

You could imagine how workplace abuse would be dealt with. We had an altercation in a call with the client.

I directly said the intern’s productivity would plummet if she had to work with a strange team and under rules that are not our company’s, and that this could even lead to a lawsuit.

And OP manager was less than pleased with his challenging her.

We hung up. She calls me alone 0.2 seconds later and scolds me asking how do I think questioning her would be perceived.

Now, I’m a scrum master, the only thing I do is conduct meetings and defuse bombs.

I thought she could use the neuron I gave her with my explanation.

I said hushing these serious decisions in front of the client said more about her incompetence than discussing them with in front of him.

I think I heard a vein pop on her head. She hung up.

But OP said this is where the story really got good.

Thirty minutes pass and I receive an email stating I was on HR watch for misconduct and insubordination.

I had to have 1 mentoring session every week for month, recording what I did throughout the week and seeing where I could improve.

The thing is, my manager soon saw the dumpster fire that project was and just got accepted to switch projects and clients.

She was going away next week or so, and my new manager would be a flower of a person who had nothing to do with this crap.

But he wasn’t letting his manager get away that easy.

I called HR and requested her as my personal mentor, as she was the one who pointed so many improvement feedbacks .

They thought this was an amazing idea! The sessions were with her and the HR worker who was responsible for the case.

She had to put a mentoring face, and lo and behold I turn into Kaspar Houser during those sessions!I asked everything.

I filled the excel sheet to the brim with everything I did, including emails, chat convos and even screen grabs from my personal phone.

I requested that she go through them so that she could approve my speech in regards to the company.

OP sounds like a great worker, he is just so eager to improve!

I would link excel files inside this excel file so she had absolutely everything I did. One per row.

Those sessions took 2 to 3 hours every Friday, scheduled at 8am by me.

I chose 8 am because she always complained about the team coming in late, even when they were working until 2 am the night before.

She would have to rate everything in a drop-down cell, write the week’s outcome and come up with action points for next week.

Of course, I couldn’t help her with this as I was there to learn :(.

But in the last mentoring session, OP had quite the surprise for his beloved manager.

In the last meeting I requested her manager to be on the meeting, a woman who took my slack when I needed most.

We had an amazing relationship, she agreed as in her view this was a successful mentoring case from her employer.

I finished the meeting, asked for two minutes at the end and forwarded my 2 weeks (here in Brasil it’s 4) written by hand.

It had all the points that made me quit and receipts, including a part of the fight that I was able to record with my phone.

I still think about her, so this is the sad thing. But I now have an amazing job at a big tech and vowed to never be like her.

I’m sure she was fuming when she realized she had spent countless hours of her time “mentoring” an employee who had no intention of staying at the company!

Reddit absolutely loved this story, but many thought the manager unfortunately wouldn’t face consequences for her vindictive behavior.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And unfortunately the user confirmed that he was the one who really had the most consequences from leaving.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said he got more revenge on HR than on the manager!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I would be logging every breath I took if this was my manager.

I’m glad OP is out of that company!

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