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She Bought A Horse But Her Sister Thinks She Has First Dibs Because She Rides It More, So She Taught Her A Lesson In Manners And Ownership

by Trisha Leigh

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Family is such a tricky thing. We love each other but we also fight, sometimes we make up and sometimes it’s harder – and other times, because decide to walk away altogether.

There’s no right way to handle things, but when it’s clear someone doesn’t respect you, it can be hard to move forward.

OP owns a horse and told her older sister she could ride her.

I 20F started online side hustles 1 year ago and I have made a pretty good income since.

My sister always wanted to have a horse and I also loved horses. I bought one for myself about 6 months ago.

I called her Reina and I have to admit I don’t always go horse riding. I told my sister 22F she could ride whenever she wanted and she started taking lessons on her.

Her sister has developed a close bond with the horse and goes riding regularly with friends.

My sister loved Reina. At one point she tried changing her name but I did not allow it. After a while she started calling her “My horse” and she would frequently invite friends to ride her.

I would hear it from the stable owner. I didn’t think much of it until recently.

My sister came to me and said she wanted to move Reina to another stable. I asked her why and she said she wanted Reina in the same stable as her friends horse.

I didn’t like the idea but after all she is frequently riding on Reina and the other stable is also closer to home so I said sure.

Then she said she had already arranged everything because she knew I’d say yes.

I got annoyed but just let it slide.

One day, OP wanted to ride but so did her sister. There was an argument.

So last week I went to visit Reina and wanted to ride. Turns out my sister also wanted to do horse riding.

I haven’t been on Reina for 2 months or so while my sister rides like 3/4 times a week.

I told my sister that I only have time that day and said she could rent a horse for that one lesson on my costs.

She then told me that I should just get off of her horse and rent one for myself if I want to ride that bad.

We got in an argument and she literally yelled at me for everything. She said that I am a bad sister that I don’t care about her that I am a brat and I don’t deserve anything.

It ended with OP telling her sister she was no longer allowed to ride her horse.

Now our relationship always has been bad and she has always had anger issues but this reaction really made me angry.

I told her that Reina was not her horse in any sense. I pay for all her expenses. I paid for the horse and my name is the name on Reina’s passport.

I told her that from now on she is not allowed to ride Reina and she can either buy herself a horse or rent one but she needs to stay away from mine.

My sister kept yelling and said that I am stealing her horse and that Reina doesn’t even know me. She said that I am the worst sister ever and told our parents.

My parents think that I am right but that I am overreacting because my sister has always had anger issues. They are saying that my sister really loves horse riding and she loves Reina.

I told them she should have thought about that before disrespecting me. So AITA?

Does Reddit think OP has a leg to stand on? Let’s find out!

The top comment doesn’t see how her sister could think otherwise.

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This person is worried her sister might try something rash.

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But this commenter is looking at things from the horse’s point of view.

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They definitely have differing opinions on that topic.

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The bottom line is that the sister is just super entitled.

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I wouldn’t be able to let those comments slide, either.

Her sister’s view on the horse was totally inappropriate.

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