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She Gave Her Toddler Some Uneaten Food From Her Daughters’ Autistic Friend’s Plate, But When The Friend Got Back She Was Horrified

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for giving away my daughter’s friend’s last chicken tender?

“My husband (41) and I (40) have five daughters; Avery (13), Bella (7), Cassie (6), Daria (4), and Emily (1.5).

The three middle girls are good friends with an autistic girl, Jenny (6), who regularly comes over to play with them.

We’ve also included Jenny in plenty of family outings, ranging from the beach to bowling to amusement parks.

They have a routine.

Jenny’s mom has done the same for my girls, only she takes them with her one at a time as she’s also autistic and not used to caring for multiple children since Jenny’s an only child.

We had Jenny over for a sleepover this weekend and took her out for lunch. Jenny and Daria ordered the same meal; chicken tenders and french fries, and I noticed that Daria finished her chicken before eating her fries, and Jenny ate all but one before moving on to her fries.

About halfway through the meal, Avery had to go to the bathroom and offered to take the younger kids with her if they needed to go.

Bella, Cassie, Daria, and Jenny went to the bathroom with Avery while my husband and I stayed at the table with Emily.

What’s the big deal?

While the older girls were gone, I saw Jenny still hadn’t eaten her last chicken tender and, assuming she wasn’t going to eat it, gave it to Emily, who ate a little more than half of it before her sisters and Jenny returned.

After sitting down, Jenny noticed her chicken was gone and asked what happened to it.

I told her, “You weren’t eating it, so Emily ate it.”

She said she was “saving it for last” and looked like she was about to have a meltdown (which I still have yet to deal with in public).

I took the little piece of chicken Emily didn’t eat and gave it back to her, but she refused to eat it because it had “baby germs” on it.

Uh oh…

When Jenny’s mom came to pick her up later that day, she told her mother about it.

Her mom called me inconsiderate and said I should’ve waited for her to return and asked her before giving it away and told me that she often saves certain foods for last too (must be an autistic thing) before having Jenny say goodbye to my girls and leaving.

My husband and I talked about this and he said he agrees with Jenny’s mom’s point about asking her first.

I think she overreacted, and the kids haven’t brought it up.

Now that the weekend’s over, my husband suggested I take this to Reddit for an unbiased opinion, so here I am.”

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