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She Went Out On A Date With Her Fiancé’s Brother Once And Now She Doesn’t Want Him And Their Wedding. Now The Family Pushes Back And Calls Her Ridiculous.

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is kind of a wild one, folks!

It comes to us from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and all I can say is that I think you’re going to be surprised…

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Read on and if you think this woman is acting like an *******!

AITA for not wanting my soon to be BIL at my wedding?

“I 26f am about to get married to my wonderful fiancé 28m. He and I have been together for 5 years and our wedding is set to take place in this spring.

There’s some history here…

So for some backstory, when I was 18 I was on one date with a guy who was 18 too. We went out to dinner and I thought we had a really great time and really liked him. After our date, I texted him telling him I had a great time and I would love to meet him again.

He just responded with telling me thanks, that he enjoyed our date but did not find a connection with me and would not want to see me anymore as he felt it would not be fair to me. I really liked this guy and was heartbroken, but I moved in.

Oh…I know you…

Three years later I met my now husband, when I met him I had no idea as to who he was. We hit it off and clicked instantly and fell hard for each other. It was not until 6 months later when I was at dinner with his family and his brother was there that I realized that his brother was the guy I went on a date with.

I explained this to my husband, he was fine with it. I also messaged his brother telling him I did not know they were related in anyway but that I really liked his brother and would like it if he did not let our past together disturb my relationship. He responded by telling we that we were all good.

She thinks he’s out of line.

However, he has continually flirted with me. When we meet him for dinner, he always flirts, saying stuff like telling me my dress looks nice, that I look great or telling me a specific thing on the menu looks like something I would like.

He always does this in front of my husband who has not said a word about this. He also tries to make me jealous all the time, like when we all are out with his family he sometimes bring a girl with him if they have been dating for sometime and he will always kiss her on the cheek, talk with her all the time and flirting with her.

I have kept my mouth shut about this as to not cause anything bad between him and my fiancé, but with wedding planning and sending out invites, I just had to say something.

She finally spoke up.

I told him I don’t want his brother there because his brother always flirts with me and tries to make me jealous.

My fiancé looked dumbfounded and asked when this happens, if his brother does this stuff when he is at the bathroom or simply not looking. I told him no and brought up all the things I did here.

My fiancé laughed and asked me if I was okay in the head and if I was joking. I got angry at him and said that if he could not see how truly disgusting his brother’s behavior is then he is not who I thought he was.

This doesn’t sound good…

We have barely talked since this, I got a text from his brother saying that he was sorry if he ever made me feel uncomfortable and that he had no intention to make me feel that way. My fiancé is still mad at me.

Was I really the ******* for this? I just want my happiest day to be my happiest day and it can’t be that if I have to worry about his brother doing something.”

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And this person thinks she might need to reconsider her upcoming marriage.

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She seems a little unhinged…

That’s just my personal opinion…

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