March 3, 2024 at 9:22 pm

Driver Was Sick Of Always Waiting In Unnecessary Traffic, So He Takes Drastic Measures And Wins

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: Reddit/ProRevenge

No one likes to be stuck in traffic, especially when the situation is preventable.

This fed-up driver found a solution after having to keep waiting on an on-ramp.

Back when metered on ramps were first installed on the main highway in my town in Oregon, the interval between lights on the ramp I used daily was 15 seconds.

Cars would be backed up onto the adjacent feeder streets, and you could be stuck for 15-20 minutes on the ramp.

But after doing some detective work, OP had a plan.

Took a bit of research to find out that it wasn’t the City or County, but ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) that controlled them.

After repeated complaints and no action, I finally got the names of the two ODOT Traffic Engineers responsible for setting the light intervals.

OP’s persistence turns drastic.

I made numerous voicemails, and finally, had one discussion, but still no fix to the issue.

Well, back in the day (early 2000s), we still had phone books, and both these Engineers had listed home phone numbers.

And it gives new meaning to “Give me a sign.”

I got a 4×8 piece of plywood and painted & lettered it:

“Tired of these idiotic ramp lights? Call the ODOT Engineers responsible for them. Dennis Mxxxxxxx 503 xxx xxxx. Bill Cxx 503 xxx xxxx. And let them know what you think.”

I stood with it on the side of the ramp for 2 days, 4pm to 6pm.

OP wasn’t up for a negotiation.

The next day, I get a call from one of them (don’t remember which) begging me to stop.

I said “Fix the ****ing lights”

“You’ll stop with the sign?”

“Fix the ****ing lights”


OP accomplishes the goal.

The very next day, they had a survey crew out there in the afternoon to count cars, and the day after that, the lights were reset to 3 seconds between cars.

This driver wants others to also get personal to motivate the government to change things that affect the public.

Bottom line…when dealing with government, until those personally responsible are held accountable in a manner that inconveniences or scares them, they will continue to abuse the public, whether from negligence, incompetence or malice.

But bring it home to them, and they will (grudgingly) change their ways.

Let’s see if the commenters agree with OP’s actions.

This person took a similar action.

Source: Reddit ProRevenge

Some commenters didn’t understand the outrage.

Source: Reddit ProRevenge

Maybe this was an unwise move…

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This commenter wanted to know the results.

Source: Reddit ProRevenge

Traffic brings up big feelings.

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