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Her Stepsister Kept Complaining About Having The Same In-Laws, So Suggested They Cancel Their Wedding

by Ashley Ashbee

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Some people are more afraid than others of being upstaged, especially at an important event like your wedding.

In this story, OP and her stepsister keep trying to get back at each other for perceived slights about their weddings.

It’s like something out of a romantic comedy, only not funny.

Will they grow up and work it out?

You probably know the answer, but read on to see how it went down.

AITA for suggesting my stepsister cancel her wedding after she wouldn’t stop complaining about the fact that we’re going to have the same in-laws?

My stepsister is engaged to Alex and I’m engaged to Nick, who is Alex’s older brother.

I dated Nick first and for a long time but we broke up 3 years ago and my step sister started dating Alex after our break up.

Sometimes forcing it DOES work? I am intrigued.

They got engaged last year and my stepsister was trying to shove our families together which meant I started seeing Nick again and we reconnected.

It’s a legitimate concern, but the stepsister is way out of line in trying to dictate who you marry and harassing you about this.

We got engaged 2 months ago and ever since my stepsister has been complaining non-stop about how she thinks I rushed into an engagement just to upstage her and that she doesn’t want to have the same in-laws as me as I would f*** things up for both of us.

I’d be annoyed, too. She needs to get over it.

It’s not like I can magically give Nick a new family so I don’t get why she keeps bringing it up but it’s annoying and I’ve asked her to drop it multiple times already.

She even complains in front of our future in-laws which I feel like she only does since things are still rocky between me and them.

One of you needs to stop this cycle.

The last time she brought it up in front of them I suggested she cancel her wedding which only triggered her more.

Now she’s convinced I only got engaged as some big master plan to f*** up her engagement which is dumb.

You made your bed, now lie in it. What a weird thing to spend your energy on.

She’s been telling everybody and some of our family are starting to believe her because of me telling her to cancel her wedding. Alex, who I was actually close to, is also mad at me because she’s convinced him I was being serious.


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Thinking things through before acting — what a novel concept! She made this happen.

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Definitely. This will ruin family get-togethers for everyone. Even if it doesn’t, let it go and enjoy your family.

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I think this move would be too adult for them.

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We all have a breaking point. This could have been uglier.

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All very good questions. I’m going to guess 18.

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Maybe go for a run and have a drink before you see family next time.

I know it wouldn’t help, but at least you’d be too wiped out to argue.

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