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Sister-In-Law Lies About Her Children Breaking Records, But When She Starts Insulting Woman’s Kids, She Creates A Book That Exposes Her Ridiculous Lies

by Ryan McCarthy

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Some parents really do treat their child’s development like a competition with every other parent on Earth.

And they just can’t wait to shove whatever incredible feat their little one did today in your face, and the faces of everyone around them.

As if there’s some kind of “mommy olympics” where parents compete for whose kid can crawl first, or what age your kid first went from picture books to regular books.

Well if there were “mommy olympics”, the gold would go to this user’s sister-in-law, who constantly made up lies about how advanced her kids were.

But when she starts bringing OP’s kids in the mix, OP creates a book of all of their record-breaking achievements, complete with the actual records her sister-in-law claimed to have broken!

Check it out!

SIL insulted my kids so I exposed her lies

SIL is the kind of mom that always has to one up other kids. She constantly talks about how her kids are smarter, taller, faster etc than her friends’ kids.

She literally bragged about them peeing more than her friends’ kids when they were babies lol.

It was worse when my husband and I had our twins. Suddenly everything was a competition (that her kids always won).

One of my girls rolled over at 4 months, her son had rolled over when he was just a week old.

OP’s sister in law even went so far as to retroactively changed her kids’ weights at birth.

The twins both took their first steps around 13 months, her daughter was RUNNING at 4 months. (She didn’t actually start walking until around 16 months).

She even changed the weight of her kids’ birth weights which makes them both heavier than the current heaviest newborn in America.

It’s so weird that she feels the need to tell such obvious lies, especially to people who know she’s lying because they were there when her kids were small.

But her sister-in-law’s behavior crossed the line when her focus landed on the “problems” she perceived in OP’s kids.

I got annoyed when she went from lying about her own kids to telling me there is something wrong with mine.

The girls are a few months shy of 2 and they’re both healthy, on track and hitting their milestones.

SIL has become OBSESSED with the idea that there is something wrong with them because they’re not speaking in long sentences. Of course they’re not, they’re not even two!

They’re both developmentally on track but she insists that her children were speaking in 5-6 word phrases by 18 months. (Spoiler. They were not).

Honestly, her son is almost 7 and I can still barely understand a word the kid says.

Her sister-in-law was even contacting speech therapy professionals for OP’s kids.

My husband and I ignored her but she took it too far when I got a call from her friend who works in Early Intervention.

He was under the impression I was very concerned about my children. We talked and her friend confirmed that yes, they are on track and no, there’s nothing to worry about.

I finally lost my patience. Hey, her kids are breaking almost every record there is and that should be celebrated!

So OP got her something to commemorate her nieces and nephews’ outstanding achievement. How sweet of her!

We had dinner with my husband’s family on Saturday (kids were in another room) and I decided it was the perfect time to give her my gift:

A booklet I had printed and laminated called the ‘White Claw Book of World Records’.

I printed all the supposed milestones of her kids, complete with photos and info of the actual world record holders now that they had been pushed to second place.

She flipped through the first couple of pages, went beet red and called me a jerk.

But the kids’ father thought it was absolutely hilarious!

Her husband took it from her and got through the first page before laughing hysterically and asking her why she was still lying?

Apparently it was not the first time they’d talked about her lying about their kids.

She stormed out but texted me later that night and asked why I’d humiliated her when all she’d ever tried to do was help me get my kids the help they needed.

But she said if that was how I wanted to treat her then she’d stop. So I guess it’s a win for me!

Sounds like the sister-in-law might be doing a little projecting about her own kids.

But seriously, your child breaking one record might be somewhat believable, but enough records to fill a booklet? That’s absolutely ridiculous!

Reddit loved that OP shoved her sister-in-laws own lies back in her face, and said that maybe the unintelligible 7 year old child should be the one being worried about.

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And this commenter said it was good that the husband is on OP’s side.

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This commenter swooped in for all those confused about the name of the record book.

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And many thought OP’s sister-in-law is the perfect example of what’s wrong with “mommy culture.”

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Finally, this user was reminded of her own story of maternal competition.

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Completely unrelated, but did I ever tell you guys that I was actually born 9 months early?

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