March 22, 2024 at 7:36 pm

Spoiled Daughter Got All Of Her Grandmother’s Inheritance, And Now She’s Asking Her Parents Why They Didn’t Buy Her A Car

by Ashley Ashbee

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Parents don’t necessarily split things evenly between their kids.

They may do something for one of their children, but not the other if it’s based on financial need.

Read on to see why OP and her husband bought one of her daughters a car, but bought nothing for the other one.

AITA for telling my daughter if she pays for her sisters college then I will stop “favoring” her with my money

My mother had a fund that was supposed to be for both of the grandchildren.

She told me multiple times it was for both of the kids. She also informed the girls that they have money. She passed away unexpectedly.

My oldest (Shelly) was the only one on the fund and it is legally hers.

She didn’t share it with her sister (Grace) and she has a huge head start in life with it.

What an opportunity!

Due to this money, she has been able to go to college debt free and is going to buy a house soon.

My husband and I have been scrambling to give as much money as possible to Grace since she really got screwed over.

Even with all our help she still needs to take out student loans. Grace is working while in college and she found a student job that gives free housing.

The issue is that she needs a car for it.

You do what you can to help your family when they need you.

So my husband and I are going to buy her a car because turning down this job will result in a ton of extra debt for her. Shelly found out about us getting the car and is pissed.

She is upset with us favoring Grace and that she never got a car from us. I pointed out she doesn’t need help financially at all.

We argued for a while and I had enough. I told her that if she pays for her sisters college then I will stop favoring her sister with my money.

She called me a jerk, and isn’t responding.

People in the comments had a lot to say.

This person notes that the inheritance was intended for both grandkids.

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I disagree with this person that the amount should dictate the choice you make.

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I think this comment shows the mature way to look at this.

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Maybe this comment is a bit harsh.

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This tough love doesn’t seem so tough.

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