March 31, 2024 at 2:37 pm

There’s A Terrifying Wi-Fi Hack That Lets You See Another Person’s Online Search History. – ‘Why did no one tell me?’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

Scammers, scammers everywhere…

We hear horror stories all the time about peoples’ personal info getting hacked from any number of institutions, but a TikTokker named Mark has a different kind of warning for folks out there.

And it’s something we should all be paying attention to because it can happen to anyone doing some online browsing on a smartphone or a laptop.

He started his video by saying, “Why did no one tell me that you can access somebody’s internet search history through the Wi-Fi ?”

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

Mark said he was playing video games with friends when one person in the group kept randomly mentioning things that Mark had been Googling in recent days.

The man talked about a movie Mark recently saw and a town in France that Mark wanted to visit.

The man kept bringing up topics and he even brought up Mark’s car out of nowhere.

He said, “For some reason, the first thought in the brain was that this guy was magic.”

But there was a catch…the man learned all this about him because Mark had logged into the man’s WiFi.

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

The man was pranking him and his roommate told Mark, “He can’t read minds. It’s just a weird bit he does. He can check your search history through the Wi-Fi network.”

Mark said that he looked at his phone and noticed that several tabs were open and they were about the topics the man had been talking about.

That’s kinda creepy…

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

Let’s see what he had to say.


let this be your reminder to comstantly check your internet search history and close ALL your tabs

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Here’s how people reacted on TikTok.

One person sounds scared about this…

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

Another viewer spoke THE TRUTH.

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

And this TikTok user made a funny/accurate comment.

Source: TikTok/@mmarkroberts

Make sure you’re protecting your info!

A lot of scammers out there…

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