March 11, 2024 at 12:54 am

‘These customers want me to make money!’ – Car Salesman Raves About His Job Selling Luxury Cars Because The Customers Are Insanely Generous

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

There’s a belief you can never trust a car salesman but this customer really went above and beyond when she wanted to give her salesman riches!

Don’t we all dream of being able to buy a luxury car. But this woman, who was obviously rich – chose which car she bought in order to determine just how much commission her salesman was gonna get.

I hear you – and amen- we need more rich people like this, y’all!

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

@lifewithkey_ told his followers on TikTok how his ordinary day at work just got really out of the ordinary when a wealthy lady customer walked in and wanted to go all altruistic on him.

He said: “She asks me a question: ‘Hey Keshawn, what products can I buy that you will make money off of?'”

Clearly this is a good and honest car salesman because he wasn’t comfortable telling the customer. We need more of these folks!

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

He said: “She’s like, ‘No, I wanna know because I wanna buy whatever products are gonna help you get paid.'”

He fessed up what cars would help his pocket out eventually. And like, yes! This is so what he deserved.

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

He told the customer she was a “great person,” and she responded ‘No, you’re such a great salesperson and such a great person that I have no problem with you making a little bit of extra money. I wanna see you win.'”

It goes to show, sometimes being nice does actually pay off!

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She IS rich, y’all!

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

Predictably some people want this job!

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

For actual real!

Source: TikTok/@lifewithkey_

Keep on selling those cars, Keyshawn!

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