March 2, 2024 at 3:33 pm

Upcoming RoboFab Factory Set To Create Hordes Of Humanoid Robots That Can Replace Human Jobs

by Jen Sako

Source: Agility Robotics

Hold onto your hats and hide your power cords, folks, because the Pacific Northwest is about to become the birthplace of a robotic uprising!

Agility Robotics, the brainchild of CEO Damion Shelton, is gearing up to unleash a tidal wave of humanoid robots from its soon-to-be-opened “RoboFab” factory. God help us all, indeed.

Source: Agility Robotics

In a chat that leaves us both intrigued and slightly terrified, Shelton spilled the metallic beans to Axios, revealing plans to churn out a whopping 10,000 robots at “peak” production.

Forget about their original plant in teeny tiny Tangent, Oregon, though – they’re upgrading to the big leagues in metropolitan Salem, where RoboFab will go from being a tangential player in robotics to potentially ruling the robo-realm.

Source: X

Shelton casually dropped the term “humanoids” for the walking and working wonders designed for giants like Amazon.

Their mission? To flood the world with robots faster than you can say, “Is that my job they’re taking?”

Sure, Agility Robotics has only birthed about a hundred robots since its 2016 debut, but with RoboFab in the picture, they’re aiming for the stars—well, at least 10,000 of them per year. That’s a real robo-evolution.

Hold your applause, though, because China threw down the gauntlet a month ago, challenging its private sector to lead the humanoid revolution. But while they’re eyeing the throne by 2027, Agility is sprinting towards the crown at full robo-speed.

Source: Agility Robotics

Now, we’ve heard Amazon’s attempt to soften the blow, claiming their army of 750,000 robots birthed new job categories for us humans.

If they’re leading the charge, though, we might need more than their sponsored research to secure our jobs. Brace yourselves, humanity, RoboFab is coming.