March 11, 2024 at 1:48 am

Woman Is Getting Married And Wants Children At The Wedding, But Her Future In-Laws Are Paying For Half And Aren’t Don’t Want Kids Because They Want To Party

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Ready_Thanks_7981

I always find it surprising when people try to push their rules on other peoples’ celebrations.

It’s insane!

But you know how people can be…a real handful!

Check out this story from Reddit and see if you think this woman did anything wrong.

AITA for breaking the child-free “rule”?

“My fiance Max and I are getting married in November.

I have a huge Colombian family. We are all close enough, and there are like a million kids. I love them all and can not imagine a single family event without them.

The families are quite different…

My fiance’s family, on the other hand, is smaller, and the kids are only included in the big events (Christmas, Easter, and their own birthdays). They have a rule that every party is to be child-free.

So, sending out the invitations, we obviously did not write “child-free ” on it… because it’s not.

There will be approximately 13 kids there (5-17). My future MIL calls us up to clarify.

She asked if we had told my family “no kids”. We had to tell her that there were going to be kids there.

Uh oh…

She got very angry.

Then, on Thursday, we went to pick up her dog, and she was there with Max’s Aunt and 2 cousins. We were basically cornered about the kids thing.

They gave us the following arguments:

  • It has been a long-established tradition that kids were not to attend parties and events with alcohol.
  • And his father is paying for half of the wedding (4k), and they don’t want to see a kid ruining it and wasting his money.
  • They have been looking forward to no kids and letting loose.

After we left, we both decided that arguments 1 and 3 are dumb.

Number 2 has us scratching our heads.

Are we the ******** if we keep kids at the wedding?”

Check out how folks reacted on Reddit.

One individual nailed it.

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Another person shared how their family and friends do it.

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This individual said they’ll probably back down.

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Another reader said she needs to call their bluff.

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And one Reddit user said they should spend the money in a different way.

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I think she needs to stand her ground on this one.

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