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Woman Is Tired Of Taking All Of Her Lazy Coworker’s Calls, So When Her Coworker Lies And Tells Her To Take A Message, She Gets Her Manager Involved

by Ryan McCarthy

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People will do anything they can to get out of work.

In fact, a lot of people work harder on getting out of the work than they do on the work itself!

And Covid only made this issue 100x worse. From automatic mouse scrollers to turned off cameras, its like there’s some grand competition to see who can do the least work.

Well this user was tired of it, and when she realized she was handling her a large part of her coworker’s responsibilities, she used her own words against her to expose her scamming!

Check it out!

Want me to take a message? Sure!

I work in claims and because we’re long term / personal injury claims we’re not considered a call centre, but we DO take calls from our claimants and need to be available to take calls.

On average I receive about 6-8 calls a day, but generally only 4 of those are for me.

Recently there has been a trend of some colleagues putting themselves on unavailable for long periods of time (3+ hours daily) to avoid calls.

When you reach out to ask if they’re free for a call, they don’t respond until it’s been at least 5 minutes because in that time you’ve probably ended the call for them anyway.

OP said one of her colleagues in particular was especially guilty of this.

I’d taken a call for a colleague named ‘Sally’ already (and in a department of 100+ colleagues, 2 calls for 1 person is unusual) when I received another call.

This time it was from an external complaints body wanting to ask Sally some questions which at that stage is not YET a complaint.

At 2:32 I messaged Sally to ask if she’s free and while I wait I get the background from the nice external complaints person.

At 2:42 she replied and said ‘Sorry I was just on a call, everything okay?’ and I immediately replied saying ‘No, they’re still on the call and I can transfer you’.

But once Sally realized she still had to take the call, her story started to change.

Sally immediately backtracks and says ‘Sorry I’m still on the call, can you take a message?’

What Sally doesn’t know is that I can see her status and it’s set to ‘do not disturb’ and not ‘on a call’ so I know she’s just trying to get out of taking calls.

But I just agreed and I decided instead of resolving the call, I would take a message and pass it on.

As requested I took a message from the nice external complaints person as I wasn’t able to resolve the query.

I confirmed that I would escalate it urgently to Sally’s manager and our internal complaints team as they wanted to know about an urgent payment that hadn’t been processed in a week.

But when Sally realized who had been calling, she suddenly said she would have been free to take the call!

Sally immediately replied and said I should have said who it was and she’d have taken the call.

That’s so odd, I thought she was on a call?

What’s the problem, didn’t OP just do exactly what Sally asked?

Reddit loved her MC, but suggested she go a step further and get the receipts!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user was reminded of a time they took over an office and actually had to force people answer the phone!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user suggested OP contact IT on account of the clear issue with Sally’s call tracking software.

Source: Reddit/AITA

You should have just answered the call Sally.

You should have done, you know, your job?

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