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Woman Receives Anonymous DM Revealing Her Father’s Affair With His BFF’s Wife, But Comes To Find Out The Message Was From The Wife Herself

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Getting an anonymous gossip message always sounds a lot more glamorous than it is.

It feels very Gossip Girl, very Pretty Little Liars, but in reality, its usually a lot more painful.

Let’s just say no one wants to open their phone to see the “I’m coming to you as a woman…” message…

But as this user found out, what you want even less is a message exposing YOUR DAD for being a dirty rotten cheater, and even worse, with his best friend’s wife!

Check out this crazy story!

My dad had an affair with his BFF’s wife

My dad BFF’s wife, let’s call her Jane.

She claimed she was pretty much in love with my father, and of course her husband didn’t know.

I found out because I got a Facebook Messenger message from a fake account telling me that my father was banging his BFF’s wife.

I actually didn’t care, my parents are divorced since 2005.

The problem was that someone “unknown” was sending my mother text messages, telling her to leave my father alone, and many offensive things.

But once the truth was out, OP’s Dad swore up and down it wasn’t Jane…

We let it slide for a while, but then those anonymous text messages became a daily thing.

We confronted my dad and he confessed that he was sleeping with Jane, but he said she was not the one sending the messages.

He said he was sure because Jane’s husband was also getting those messages.

But OP found that explanation a little fishy…

My dad was practically blinded by her manipulations, and my mom and I had a really strong hunch that it was her.

My dad got so mad after we suggested it that he stopped speaking to me and my mom for a while.

I also got mad, but much more offended because he would not believe me, I mean, I had no reason to lie to him. Still, I let all that slide.

But then, I got another anonymous message.

It told me I was just like my mother and that’s why my boyfriend had dumped me, and that we would be alone for the rest of our lives, and things like that.

This message was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And it turned out that the sender’s identity was a shock to absolutely no one.

Then I got really mad. I went to the cyber police (is a thing where I’m from), and they tracked the source of the anonymous messages.

It turns out that it was her, and she was also sending her husband messages because she was so desperate for the truth to come out so she could be with my father.

Even though I think that just confronting her husband would have been better, I know what she really wanted was to distance my father from me and my mom.

And now it was OP’s turn to send a message to HER family!

She was messing with my family, so I decided to mess with hers.

I sent the proof to her husband AND her sons that she was behind the anonymous messages, and that she was, in fact, sleeping with my dad.

I also showed my dad the proof and exposed her on Facebook (she was a saleswoman so it did affect her).

Her sons and her husband were so mad at her that she had to move out of her house, and my dad broke up with her as well.

She was left alone, but I feel like that’s what she deserved.

And she could’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for all the psychotic messages she sent OP!

Seriously though, if you’re doing something you shouldn’t, why would you try so hard to let everyone know? She doesn’t exactly sound like the sharpest tool in the shed.

Reddit was just as confused at her self-snitching as the rest of us.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Many people were reminded of their own parents’ infidelity.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this commenter pointed out that if someone asks you “Why Would I Lie?”, then they’re probably lying.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally this user pointed out that OP’s Dad got off relatively scot-free because of Jane’s craziness.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Sounds like these folks are going to be paying for this for years to come.

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