March 24, 2024 at 11:49 am

Woman Reveals The Absurd Reason South Korean Brides Pay Up To $10K To Rent A Wedding Dress

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

Flex culture is a phenomenon sweeping through the world right now.

You’d be mistaken for thinking its an American invention, with rappers like Bow Wow going viral for faking private jet flights.

It’s even spread to Eastern Europe, where men will get into competitions to see who can poor the most expensive amount of alcohol on the floor in a show of wealth.

But as TikTok user @ohmarni reveals, South Korea takes this to a whole new level with their wedding dress culture, where brides will pay a premium to be the first one to wear a particular dress!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

Marni’s video starts with her recounting a phone call she had with her Korean friend a few days prior.

“She’s getting married, and she’s telling me she’s looking for dresses, and she tried on one and really really liked it.” But her friend said there was a problem. ” I can’t do first wear.”

For anyone confused on what that means, Marni was right with you.

“What is first wear, you’re the first one to wear it? What’s the problem?” Her friend confirmed, but this only left Marni more confused.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

Then her friend clarified, “No I have to cut the tag!”

And if you’re still not understanding the problem, then Marni is with you!

But when her friend finally explained the reasoning Marni was gooped!

“It’s a whole status thing, you post about you cutting the tag off of the dress.”

And when Marni still couldn’t wrap her head around the whole concept, her friend broke it down.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

“When you post you cutting off the tag, 1. It’s an exclusivity thing, no one else has worn it. 2. It costs significantly more to wear a dress that is first wear.”

But then her friend dropped a bombshell, it’s not that she was the first to own the dress, she was the first to RENT it! She didn’t even own the dress!

Her friend said if she wanted a dress that had been worn before, she would only pay $2-3k tops.

“You mean they’re charging you 10K plus just to cut off a tag. TO CUT OFF A TAG!”

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

“There’s no way they’ve commoditized cutting off a tag! Having social currency to cut off a tag is insane! For something that you don’t even own!”

Marni was absolutely gobsmacked, repeating “You can’t even take it home.” over and over again!

“Sometimes I think just take me off this Earth, cause this doesn’t make sense! I adore Korean culture down bad, but if I had to exist in a space like that and I had no other choice….”

Check out her video for yourself!


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TikTok was just as shook as Marni was, with this user saying the culture went far beyond dresses.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

This person wondered why they wouldn’t just buy the dress for all that money.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

And this devious individual recognized the potential for scams in this image-based culture.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

This user, like many of us, realized this was something only rich people could understand.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

And finally, even after Marni’s impassioned explanation, she still couldn’t comprehend it.

Source: TikTok/@ohmarni

If I pay 10,000 dollars for a piece of clothing, I’m keeping it.

And God bless anyone who tries to take it back!

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