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Bride Was Told No Naughty Stuff At Her Bachelorette Party, And Her Bridesmaids Were Forced To Lie For The Bride’s Indiscretion

by Chris Allen

No To That Wedding AITA Bride Was Told No Naughty Stuff At Her Bachelorette Party, And Her Bridesmaids Were Forced To Lie For The Brides Indiscretion

The number of bad, dumb, unwise decisions we all make before we turn, say 35….they could fill a swimming pool, right?

And our relationships seem to take the brunt of those bad calls.

Whether we really don’t know what we want in life, or we’re just bad at communicating, it’s a learning curve we all have to go through.

Well here’s a story of being caught in the middle of one of those bad decisions.

Consequences and repercussions.

AITA for not wanting to be in one of my best friends wedding after what she did

I F23 was asked by one of my best friends F23 to be a bridesmaid in her wedding along with our other friends. Everything was going fine until her bachelorette party.

When does this scenario ever turn out right?

She asked us for an adult dancer. It was the one thing she really wanted to have but her fiance M30 told her absolutely no adult dancers.

She decided she wanted one anyways and that she would just keep this a secret for him.

Oh boy, things went downhill real quick in this one!

A week after her bachelorette party one of the bridesmaids ex boyfriend logged into her messenger and took one of the videos we had sent of that night and sent it to the brides fiance.

It was a video of her literally throwing dollar bills on the adult dancer.

This maybe isn’t the most mature way to handle it all.

The fiance was extremely upset and the bride decided instead of coming clean she was just going to blame the whole thing on us the bridesmaids.

She told fiance that she told us not to get her a adult dancer and that we still did anyways.

She also said she only got one dance and then went into her room until he was gone which is also not true.

Stacking lies on top of lies, she triples down on it.

Now fast forward to one week before the wedding the bride texts us to say that her fiance is very upset at us and does not want us to be in the wedding anymore.

She then also says that we need to apologize to him.

Yes, apologize to her fiance for HER lies.

I did it. We all did.

The enabling has left her feeling absolutely horrible.

We sent the apologies and everything is pretty much fine now but I’m very upset at my friend for asking us to do that in the first place. I was fine to take the fall for her until she wanted us to apologize to him.

Am I the AH for not wanting to be a bridesmaid in her wedding anymore?

People were pretty mad with the way it was all handled.

This person’s ESH vote centered on the fact that it was a boundary that was broken.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another person helped OP recognize that this is no friend.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One Redditor remembered that Blink 182 said it best.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While one commenter stressed how important it was to just come clean every time!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’ll take one new friend, please?

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