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He Warned His Girlfriend About The Power Going Out While He Plays Video Games, But She Didn’t Listen And He Lost Weeks Worth Of Gaming Progress

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@DetailAccording1956

Uh oh…

This sure doesn’t sound good!

Because this guy is obviously passionate about his video games and his girlfriend cut the power off and messed up his vibe.

Is he wrong to be annoyed with her?

Let’s see what he had to say…

AITA for being annoyed at my GF after she turned off the power during her cooking, while I was gaming ?

“I (M24) have been dating Helen (F22) for 2 years and we moved in together 2 months ago.

This is my parents’ old second home, my parents gave it to me when I moved out of the family home 5 years ago. Helen and I are very happy with this house because it is comfortable and well located.

There’s an issue with the house…

There is just a little problem with the kitchen, there are two ovens, one big and one smaller. The small one works well but sometimes the big one cuts off the power when it switches off (you just have to turn the power back on the meter).

It is not every time, maybe once in five times but to avoid that, I always use the small oven which was more than enough when I was living alone.

When Helen moved in, at first we took turns cooking but she quickly insisted to manage the cooking alone, she thinks my cooking is a bit too basic.

Her parents own a restaurant so I guess she has higher standards and she cooks better than me. I once suggested that we could cook together sometimes so I could improve but she doesn’t want because she finds me too messy in the kitchen..

He tried to tell her…

I warned her about the big oven and to prioritize the smaller one or to let me know before using the big one. I like to play Football Manager on my PC before dinner and it would be a shame to have a power cut at this moment. If she tells me beforehand, I can save my game in case of a power cut.

2 weeks ago Helen used the big oven without telling me and the power went out, while I was playing. I gently remembered her to warn next time and it’s ok, I had saved a few minutes before, and everyone can forget or mess up.

Yesterday she wanted to make cookies and used the big oven again without telling me, I was playing, and I hadn’t saved for several in-game weeks (stupid, I know) so it was lost.

They butted heads over this.

I was annoyed and I asked why she didn’t warn me. Instead of apologising she said aggressively to get over it, that I shouldn’t get upset about that stupid game, after all cooking the dinner was much more important.

I got angry and answered that she shouldn’t disrespect my hobbies like that and she could just enjoy her so much important dinner alone and I stormed off.

I went to visit a friend (24M) to vent, and I ended up sleeping there (I told my GF by message that I will sleep there and it’s best to talk tomorrow). My friend thinks that Helen messed up and is in the wrong but this morning, I received a text from a friend a Helen calling me a huge *******.

After reflecting about it, I start to feel bad, maybe I did overreact or was completely in the wrong.

So, AITA?”

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No matter who you think is at fault in this one… losing THAT much progress has gotta sting.

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