April 16, 2024 at 3:47 am

Her Parents Pierced Their Baby’s Ears Without Permission, So She Demands They Pierce Their Ears If They Want To See Her Again

by Chris Allen

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There are jaw-dropping stories, and then there are ones like this.

Because having a child is about the most territorial and protective a human can ever be.

So imagine when a family member does something to that child of yours – something you had expressly forbidden that thing to happen.

Well this story will make you blow your top.

AITA for telling my mom and dad that they have to get their noses pierced if they want to see my daughter again?

My husband and I travel down to Mexico to visit with my family.

I am an American citizen my mom and dad are not.

My mom and dad got my daughter earrings for her birthday.

My daughter’s ears are not pierced.

She is only one year old.

I told them that I would save them for her until she was old enough to get her ears pierced.

Can you imagine coming back to this discovery?

We left my daughter with my parents while we went to meet up with some friends.

When we went to pick up my daughter my mom showed us that we didn’t need to wait because they had taken her to get her ears pierced.

I got my daughter and I dragged my husband out of there before he lost his s***.

We went back to our hotel.

She wasn’t done.

I am furious. My husband said that my parents are not allowed to spend time alone with my daughter ever again.

I went farther.

I said that I would not be bringing her, or any other kids we might have, down here to see my parents.

We checked out three days early and went home.

The grandparents went on to prove how out-of-touch and self-centered they really are.

On the way home my parents were calling me to see when we were coming over.

I ignored all the calls and texts until we were back home in Phoenix.

We took a couple of days to think things over and cool down.

Then they talked.

I finally called them. I asked them not to speak until I was done talking.

I told them that my husband and I are upset with them for getting our baby’s ears pierced without our permission.

I told them that we went back home and probably wouldn’t be visiting for a while.

And still, they doubled down.

They said that my sister and I both had pierced ears when we were babies and that it did not harm us.

I said that we were not going to change our minds.

They started getting everyone including my grandmother to call me and say I was being ridiculous.

But the ultimatum is just *chef’s kiss*

I talked with my husband and we came up with a compromise.

We agreed that we would resume visits, but not alone time, with them if they both got their noses pierced.

They said that we are being stupid and that they are not going to do that. I said no problem and hung up.

We have started blocking anyone who tries to call us and give us s*** for denying my parents their RIGHT to see my daughter.

People were LIVID over this one.

Shocker, huh?

One person called out the complete and all-consuming entitlement.

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Another person wanted this situation to be criminal.

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While one Redditor loved the ultimatum.

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While another person boiled it down to an absolute violation of trust.

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Yeah no more grandkids for you.

Sit in the corner and think about what you did.

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