April 23, 2024 at 9:33 pm

Her Parents Smashed Her Gaming Console Because She Has An Addiction, So Now She’s Refusing To Pay Them Rent

by Trisha Leigh

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I know that some parents have a hard time accepting that their babies have grown into adults, but if your child is paying rent, I feel like you have to be able to do just that.

To some degree, at least.

This young lady is paying rent at home and admits to being in treatment for a gaming addiction (among other things).

I (22F) have been diagnosed with depression and gaming addiction.

I hold a stable job making a very good salary and I have moved back with my parents to save up for a down-payment as well as their general concern over my mental state.

To be frank I have no hobbies other than gaming, and the only social life I have is playing games with IRL and online friends.

After work I come home and play games until I sleep, and over on the weekends I play games the entire day.

When her parents got upset about how much time she spends on her devices, they literally ruined them.

However after I graduated university and came back, my parents have elected to smash one of my monitors, cut my ethernet cord and now physically taken my PC due to arguments over my gaming habits.

It has been going on since two weeks ago, and they are refusing to give back my PC even though my psychologist says that this is doing more harm than anything.

They call me childish for not being able to control my own habits despite the fact that I am holding my own job.

This has caused me to become more depressed than usual, with my days now often spent 95% of the time with me in bed aimlessly scrolling through social media.

I am back on my antidepressants, and they seem to think that this is the better alternative.

I have voiced this opinion countless times but they refuse to listen to me or my psychologist (and I have a letter written from them).

She says if she’s a child still living at home, then she’s not paying rent.

I use to pay a much above average monthly rent for my 1 bedroom and washroom that I share with my siblings.

However, this month I refused to pay my “rent” since they are treating me as a “child” and “children” do not pay rent.

They are now calling me a vindictive a—— and freeloader because I am no longer contributing to the household.

Now they’re in a standoff.

Does Reddit think she’s handled this appropriately? Let’s find out!

The top comment thinks the poster should just move out.

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This person thinks that the parents should listen to the professionals.

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And this commenter, who has been there, agrees.

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Because right now, she’s still a functioning adult when she has to be.

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Most agree that living separately is an easy fix.

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I figure they’re probably just worried about her.

That said, there are much better ways to handle it.

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