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Her Wedding Dress Is The Same As Her Mother-In-Law’s Party Dress, So The Fiancé’s Family Is Boycotting The Wedding Unless The Bride Returns Hers

by Trisha Leigh

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After reading posts on Reddit regularly, I’m starting to think that deciding to have a wedding might be one of the worst things you can do for your relationship.


OP bought a casual wedding dress but then found out her MIL had bought the same dress in a different color for her birthday party.

I didn’t invite MIL wedding dress shopping because our relationship is awkward but I thought I’d show her a picture to make her feel included.

My dress is a beautiful flowy beachy dress, but not technically a wedding dress and could be ordered in color. I bought it from a small local boutique that we both love.

MIL said that I can’t wear the dress because she bought the same one for her 50th birthday which is two weeks after my wedding.

MIL does have the dress though in a mint green color (there is enough detailing that it is still clearly the same dress) and she has the receipt to prove she got it first.

Lavish birthday parties are a thing in our circle, so I know she has invested serious time and money in this party.

Her MIL wants her to return it, but OP said no thanks.

I said that I am still going to wear the dress, (despite the fact I could easily return it with no loss) because I didn’t do this out of malice and I love it.

Mil said if she wears it two weeks after I do everyone is going to to think she is pathetic and copying her sons wife. I said sorry but not really my problem.

Now her fiance’s entire family has basically cut him off and aren’t coming to the wedding.

Everyone has gone crazy since I said that. His entire side of the family and the friends MIL invited have all backed out of the wedding, so like 15 people and it will be noticeable.

His sisters were supposed to be in the wedding party on his side but dropped out and have blocked him on everything.

His stepdad won’t talk to him and says he regrets raising him and he isn’t a real man because a real man would stand up for his mom.

His bio dad is even in MILs side which doesn’t surprise me because they are good friends, but he called us up to shame us the other night.

It’s gotten to the point where things might be irreparable.

My fiancé is hurting and found out his family had a big beach day and invited everyone but him. He called MIL and they talked but didn’t come to a resolution. She said if I refuse to do the right thing the only answer is no one going to her party can go to the wedding.

He tried calling SIL and found out she blocked him. He is mad at me now and feels like she had it firsts

Edit for some info- mil has never acted like this before truly ever. She is extremely laid back, doesn’t show emotion, not really attention seeking which is why my fiancé is so confused

At this point I think the relationship with his sisters and stepdad is beyond repair for now and I am scared to have them at the wedding

Does Reddit think she should return the dress? Let’s find out!

The top comment says everyone needs to grow up.

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This person thinks OP should be the other person.

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Not everyone agrees, though.

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After all, who cuts their family off over a dress?

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Opinions are honestly all over the place.

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I’m not sure what’s right here.

I would probably return the dress just to try to help my fiance.

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