April 13, 2024 at 8:32 pm

Groom Told His Cousin To Rudely Shut Down The Snackbar At His Wedding, So Cuz Made Up A Story That Made The Groom Blush

by Chris Allen

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One of the most glorious, joyous, and sometimes stressful days of your life:



It can be hard to breathe; hard to think straight.

With so many moving pieces, and people to think of, and times to hit, it can be a bit much for anyone.

So you enlist help!

But what if that help takes things a bit too…literally?

Wedding snackdown

I was attending my cousin’s daughter’s wedding.

There was a snack bar at the entry area and lots of guests were congregating there, eating and chatting.

Few people were getting through to the seating area.

So my cousin asked me to get the snackbar shut down.

So, the cousin does as he’s told.

I went there and told the people there to close it down.

They said they would do it immediately after serving the people waiting.


I headed back and told my cousin it would be closed in a couple of minutes.

He’s worried and says, “No, i meant immediately. They have to shut down immediately.”


Alrighty then.

I went back to them, they had already shut down.

I went back and told my cousin with a straight face:

“There were four people there. I knocked the plates out of their hands and told them to walk inside. I told them you told me to do it.”

That apparently wasn’t quite what he meant.

Shocked pikachu face.

My cousin is a great guy but he does get a bit worked up sometimes over the small stuff.

Let’s head down and see what folks had to say.

One person saw this as nothing but a big win-win.

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Another person really loved this whole outcome.

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While one person was thinking quite logically.

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And another commenter dropped an oldie but a goodie.

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Juuuust one last bi – *SMACK* *plate hits floor*

Pictures would be priceless!