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His Fiancée Picked Out A Wedding Dress He Didn’t Like, So He Told Her How He Really Felt About It

by Matthew Gilligan

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You can already tell from this headline that this story ain’t gonna be pretty…

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Now it’s up to you to see if you think this guy acted like a jerk or if what he said to his bride-to-be was no big deal.

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AITA for telling my Fiancee I don’t like her wedding dress?

“So my fiancee and I are getting married in 9 months.

She’s been dress shopping with her girls for months now. She found the dress she loved and bought it, and was too excited to keep it a secret. She showed me pics of the bridesmaids dresses and I told her they were pretty, they match my groomsmens suits really well.

Anyway, she brought her dress out and asked what I thought. I specifically asked her if she wants the God’s honest truth and wants me to critique the dress or if she knows she loves it and just wants to show me. She said she wanted my opinion.

Uh oh…

She put the dress on and came out of the bathroom and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. She’s a beautiful woman and looks incredible in anything of course, but the dress completely dwarfed her and didn’t really fit the wedding theme she has worked so hard for.

She wanted a foresty, magical and whimsical, type theme. Flower crowns on the bridesmaids etc. But she chose a super sparkly dress with a HUGE skirt, which looked nothing like the simply, body hugging dresses she had been repeatedly showing me. She picked basically a huge Disney princess dress and I just didn’t like how it looked at all.

Here we go…

I was honest when I told her I didn’t like it and I was surprised she picked it because it just doesn’t seem to match her and I just thought it was too much poof and sparkle. She got really quiet and stormed back upstairs, and then stormed out of the house and went to her Mom’s.

Texted me saying she couldn’t believe I would say I didn’t like it and what a jerk I am and has blocked number. This is our first major fight and I’m just so annoyed because I ASKED if she wanted a real opinion and she said yes.

AITA for telling her I don’t like the dress?”

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