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His Mom Told Him Whispering Was Rude, So He Said The Quiet Part Out Loud And Spilled A Secret

by Trisha Leigh

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There is nothing quite like the way our children can embarrass us.

Like, if you think you’ve been as embarrassed as it’s possible to be, but you don’t have kids yet, I promise you it can definitely get worse.

This kid had an aunt in a bad relationship.

The context: I have an aunt (I’ll call her Susan for the sake of this post), and she has a son who I’ll call John.

John is a very similar age to me, so I would spend a lot of time with John when I was little, and he would spend a lot of time at my parent’s house.

Susan wasn’t married to John’s father (let’s call him Harry), but they were in a relationship at the time.

It wasn’t a great relationship though.

All of that is relevant I think, so with that sorted, let’s move on to the story.

One day she came over after a fight and hid upstairs when her boyfriend came looking for her.

This story takes place on a day that Susan had been arguing with Harry.

They lived together at the time, and she’d left the house to get away from him.

She decided to come round to visit my mom to vent, and I was home as well.

While Susan and my mom were talking, the doorbell went. Harry had turned up with John, and they were both outside!

Susan quickly ran upstairs to avoid seeing him, and I was told not to let Harry know she was there.

I’m guessing Harry was over because he wanted to know if my mom had heard from Susan, or wanted to drop John off so he could go look for her.

He understood he wasn’t supposed to tell, but also, he had a question.

I don’t really know- I was pretty young at the time and that wasn’t what I was thinking about.

What I was thinking was that I needed clarification on the rule that I’d just been given.

You can probably see where this is going.

My mom answered the door, and started to speak to Harry.

Meanwhile I started tugging at her, trying to get my mom’s attention to be able to ask her a question in private.

And his mom did tell him whispering was rude…

After a little while, with me trying to find a way of whispering to my mom, she eventually says in frustration “Mooch, it’s rude to whisper! Anything you want to say, you can say out loud”.

At this point, there’s nothing I can do, except ask in the raised voice of a child who has been told to speak up: “I know I’m not allowed to tell Harry, but can I tell John his mom’s upstairs?”

Cue a stunned silence, in which my mortified mother mentally processes what just happened, and comes to terms with the fact she couldn’t even tell me off for doing exactly what she said.

She definitely never told him that again after this day, though.

Harry, bless him, tried to pretend he hadn’t heard anything (even if it was painfully obvious that he must have heard), and left shortly after.

John stayed, and saw Susan.

Susan later went back home, and I’m guessing she argued with Harry some more (they really weren’t great for each other).

And as for my mom? I don’t think she ever really lived it down.

I think she still catches her breath when she remembers how awkward that moment was.

And she never told me not to whisper again.

I bet Reddit is giggling – especially because this time it isn’t them.

The top comment had respect for the angry boyfriend, actually.

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But sometimes that’s how life works out.

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Kids repeat everything.

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Classic mom move.

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You really do have to know better than to ask.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Kids, right?

They really do just say whatever old thing pops into their heads.

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