April 2, 2024 at 6:37 am

NYC Bouncer Has A Pathetic Interaction With A Tech Bro Who Goes Into Full Meltdown Mode When He Doesn’t Get His Way

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

‘Your name’s not down, you’re not coming’ in is a phrase a lot of us have heard and we just leave and go home and move on, right?

But not spoiled rich kids. No. They struggle with being told ‘no’ it seems!

Yet, sometimes justice is done. And they have to take ‘no’ on the chin.

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

@theeuropeankid shared a viral video on TikTok showing two tech bros getting refused from a nightclub by a very cool New York city doorman.

One of the tech bros tells the doorman: “Listen, I will delete your Facebook account in three seconds.”

He then threatens to call his investor at which the doorman responds “Say hi for me.”

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

And of course the ‘do you know who I am’ route was taken. One of the tech guys told the bouncer he was one of Forbes 30 under 30.

While the threat of future robot domination was even utilized. One of the guys said he was “building an AI company… that’s gonna take over the world.”

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

Well, this goes to show it doesn’t matter how intelligent or wealthy you are, you can still act like a spoiled child.

Watch the full clip here:


Bro thinks he’s in a movie…

♬ original sound – European kid

Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Double trouble!

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

Multilingual duo!

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

Does this guy think this is a computer game? Hahahaha.

Source: TikTok/@theeuropeankid

All I know is that I want to hang with that bouncer!

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