April 23, 2024 at 1:36 am

Overprotective Mom Blew A Gasket About Her Kid Getting A Donut After A Sleepover, But The Host Doesn’t Think She Did Anything Wrong

by Ashley Ashbee

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One of my favourite memories of sleepovers is staying up all night with my friends and then the next day the parents would go out and get donuts for us first thing in the morning.

I wouldn’t have thought some would find this gesture appalling, but I was wrong.

AITA For feeding the kids at my son’s sleepover donuts for breakfast?

Genuinely so confused here but maybe I messed up…

My (43F) son (10M) had a sleepover this weekend at my house with 4 other boys.

They were fine and well behaved and played video games and stuff… you know kids!

This sounds like so sweet (pun intended)!

In the morning I thought I would give them a special treat since it was a sleepover and got a half dozen donuts for the boys and one for me.

Quick and easy breakfast for a fun morning.

She feels the need to make sure we know this was an exception to the norm.

I typically make things like eggs, toast, fruits/smoothies but again I thought it was a special occasion.

His mom probably sucks the fun out of everything.

One of the boys told his mom i guess and I got a horrible facebook message saying I’m terrible for feeding my kids this and that I’m going to make him obese.

Some people are dramatic and self righteous and gives parenthood a bad name.

I tried to explain but she just said her son wasn’t going there again and blocked me.

As far as I know, her son does not have any health issues in which eating a donut would be super detrimental to him.

Let’s see what people in the comments think.

I’m guessing anything but celery would warrant a lashing on Facebook from this mom…

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Bahaha I’d pay to see this!

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What a sweet memory of childhood!

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This kind of context would be different, plus the onus would be on the parent to let them know.

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This is a symptom of a bigger problem and the other kid is going to need therapy.

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I’m glad to see most parents aren’t this self-righteous and controlling!

At least, not the ones on Reddit.

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