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Rude Customer Tried To Cut People Waiting To Get Their Nails Done, So A Woman Decided To Add Extra Services To Make Her Wait As Long As Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pro Revenge

Some people are just so entitled!

But I’m sure you knew that already, right…?

Of course, you do!

But just in case you had a momentary lapse in your memory, this story will bring it all back for you.

Take a look!

Inconveniencing an entitled girl.

“So, a couple days ago I was getting my nails done at a local salon.

The girls there are amazing and it’s just three of them so they time manage as it goes.

Most people just walk in, but most people know if you do that you’ll have to wait. They’ll usually say come back in X amount of time and we’ll be ready for you.

She could wait…

I had an appointment and still ended up waiting a little, no big deal they were slammed. In that time three people came in and their names were written down as next in line, as well as 2 girls already waiting next to me. 5 people after me.

I finally sit down to get my nails done, and it’s a simple manicure with no polish. One girl was doing pedicures on a couple and the other had just started a full set.

As soon as I sit down this teenage girl comes in with her parents and seats herself at a table without saying anything.

Talk about entitled!

Her parents then walk up to the lady who was doing my nails and say (I quote) “Her flight leaves in 5 hours and we have to leave in 1 to make it on time. Her nail just broke, fix it”.

Rude. So so rude. Not to mention there are 5 people ahead of her.

The nail lady tries to explain that, but the parents just talk over her, and the techs have a conversation about it in their language, and then the girl doing my nails nods and says “Okay when I’m done with her I will fix it.”

We’ll see about that!

Cool cool. I proceeded to ask for a dip manicure with nail art and the deluxe spa package. The hour was up and the girl and the parents were positively fuming. They ended up leaving, her nail still broken.

My nails look great and I tipped extra.”

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That’s the way to do it!

Showed her!

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