April 19, 2024 at 8:42 am

Rude Driver Wouldn’t Let Them Pass, So They Made Sure He Got Pulled Over By The Cops

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@thejoltjoker

There’s almost nothing that gets me more annoyed than people who drive like complete idiots.

What’s the rush?!?!

Saving yourself two or three seconds isn’t going to change your life, so you might as well slow down and quit being a jerk!

But some people need to learn the hard way…

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Guy wouldn’t let me pass him on the highway so I got him pulled over.

“A while back now I was driving home on a 2-lane highway between cities pretty late at night and a dude in a Dodge Charger was in front of me.

We were both going a bit above the limit (nothing crazy, only like 10 km/hr for him and 20 km/hr for me).

I wanted to pass so I moved into the left passing lane and he proceeded to accelerate to exceed my speed and jump into the left lane to cut me off.

What was this idiot doing?

I thought nothing of it; figured he was speeding up and I still get to go the speed I wanted so I got back in the right lane and kept at the same speed, but then the guy jumps back in the right lane to cut me off again and slows down to below the limit.

Every time I tried to pass him he’d do the same thing.

They had an idea…

After like 20 mins of this, as I’ve done this drive many times I remembered we were getting close to a side road where police like to hide.

So I stepped on the gas and went like 40 over the limit and sure enough he tried to cut me off again by going about 50 over.

I quickly slowed down right before we passed the side road and the cop immediately jumped out and pulled him over.

I’ve never felt a greater moment of satisfaction in my life.”

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That’s what happens when you road rage!

He had it coming!

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