April 29, 2024 at 7:26 pm

She Eloped Four Years Ago And Never Told Anyone, So When Her Best Friend Found Out She Questions Their Entire Friendship

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Josh-Withers

Weddings and marriage can bring about heightened emotions for everyone.

Elopements have become more popular over the years, but what would you do if you didn’t know your best friend had been married for years?

Well, that’s what happened in this situation.

Let’s hear the full story…

AITA for not telling my best friend that I’ve been married for years

4 years ago I eloped with my partner and got married with no one in attendance. We are very private and didn’t tell anyone.

We’d been together for 5 years prior and this marriage was more of a formality for us rather than a celebration.

Recently, my best friend (Meredith) and I was having a conversation about marriage where i causally mentioned that I was married and had been for years.

Let’s see how her friend reacts…

This completely caught Meredith off guard and it totally offended her that I’d kept this information from her.

She felt betrayed and questioned our friendship.

I tried to explain that the marriage decision was between myself and my partner and we hadn’t excluded her on purpose we just wanted the day to be about only us.

No one was invited.

I also tried to explain that i hadn’t told her about it in all these years because it was never a big deal to me or something I felt needed to be announced.

The friends are on thin ice…

Meredith has known myself and my partner prior to us getting married and after.

We’ve always been close friends.

I believe she is hurt that I never told her I was married in all the years we’ve been friends. AITA?

Let’s see how Reddit responded to this post.

This commenter agrees with the best friend.


Another user sympathizes, but would be upset if this happened to them, too!


Others were upset with how the situation was handled.


This commenter made a great point about friendship.


While this gal may not have had malicious intent, if I were the best friend, I would be pretty upset, too!

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