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Sister Realizes Her Brother Is Stringing Along One Of Her Closest Friends, So She Tells Her Friend The Truth And Makes Her Brother Furious

by Ryan McCarthy

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There’s just something…. icky about one of you friends dating your sibling.

Which is funny, because in my experience, the siblings of your partner can actually end up becoming some of your best friends!

But if your friend and your sibling do get together, there’s an even worse situation you could have to deal with, which is the event that something happens between them, and you have to pick sides!

Unfortunately for this user, that’s the exact situation she found herself in when she realized her brother was stringing along one of her closest friends!

Was she in the wrong to tell her friend the truth about him? See for yourself!

AITA for telling my friend my brother isn’t serious about her?

I’m the youngest of 3 siblings and my eldest brother is already married. He married an Indian girl that my parents arranged for.

My other brother is going to also have an arranged marriage and he says he is ok with that.

But in the meantime he is still dating other girls and making it seem like he is serious about them but then he will discard them later.

But things got complicated when OP’s brother began “dating” one of her oldest friends.

In my culture losing your virginity before marriage is still taboo for girls(guys can apparently do whatever they want).

My friend likes my brother and he knows that and is now dating her.

I know he will probably try to have her give up her virginity for him and I think it will break her heart to do that and then have him dump her.

And due to the difference in OP and her friend’s social class, she knew that her parents would never accept her friend as her brother’s bride.

My friend is half Indian and from her mom’s side is from another social class so my parents would never consider her.

My parents are already in talks with a family and my brother has been chatting with that girl online. He will probably go back home to meet her this fall.

My brother has my friend convinced he will marry her once they are done university. I have been friends with her for nearly a decade.

So out of a sense of duty to her friend, she knew she had to say something, no matter how hard it was.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything but I did and told her my parents and my brother’s plan to have an arranged marriage.

She was crying because she had already given her virginity to my brother. A week later my brother comes to me mad because my friend broke up with him.

In their argument he made it clear she knew he was going to go through with marrying another girl and is just stringing her along.

He is extremely angry with me because no one else could have told her. I admitted it was me and he yelled at me that it is not any of my business.

Good for OP! What is the brother so mad about, that all of his sleazeball activities were brought to the light of the day?

Did he expect OP to just let her friend get hurt by him?

Reddit was, unsurprisingly, completely on OP’s side, saying the only other thing she could have done was tell her friend sooner.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user even said OP should tell any of her brother’s future partners about his behavior.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user said OP’s brother was just using her friend for her body before he met the woman his parents said he would marry.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user thought that there might have been a good reason for OP not to tell her friend sooner.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said OP’s brother was worse than a cheater, because of the emotional manipulation of promising to marry a girl.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I wouldn’t want to be caught between a sibling and a friend, but OP definitely made the right choice!

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