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Their Neighbors Were Rude When They Put A Fence On Their Property, So They Returned The Favor When The Neighbors Wanted To Make Changes To Their Yard

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, it’s that you should always be a good neighbor.

It makes life a lot easier and you won’t find yourself in any situations like this…

But this couple knew how to deal with these folks…

Check out what happened!

You say no to our fence, we say no to your project.

“Two years ago my husband and I bought our first house.

First on our list was the backyard and removing a laurel bush on the back property line that went 7 feet deep and had a chicken wire fence in the back (99%of the roots were on our property).

Our yard wasn’t big to begin with so we wanted that extra space and so our plan was to remove it and put up a fence that matched the other parts of our property.

When I went to notify our neighbors just to be nice (also we weren’t asking them to contribute) they were super nice about it and welcomed us into the neighborhood. Two days later we were startled to see the husband neighbor knocking on our back door (trespassing) because he said we didn’t answer the front door.

This was surprising…

He said they didn’t agree with the fence after all and that we couldn’t cut down the laurels. One of their arguments was that the previous owners didn’t mind the laurels (so?).

Well my husband and I are both attorneys and decided we weren’t going to do the back and forth, we were going to hire a surveyor to come and confirm the property line.

Guess what happened…

Turns out almost all the laurel roots were in fact on our property. So again, we told neighbors we were moving forward with the fence. After seeing the markers they were mad.

My cousin and uncle helped us putting up the fence and and husband neighbor could not have been more rude, standing a foot away from them (on his property) breathing down their necks while they put up the fence.

Fast forward a year and husband neighbor texts my husband asking to talk. So they meet at the fence.

Turns out they have a cedar tree about 7 ft in diameter on their property close to the fence that they want to remove but are asking us for the removal to be done from OUR PROPERTY – they need to remove a portion of our FENCE, bring the cherry picker and wood chipper down our driveway to our backyard, and do the entire project on our property because they don’t have access to their backyard from the street.

Sorry, dude!

Obviously my husband is dumbfounded but still super nice considering the fence drama and says “that’s a really big ask” and this neighbor says “why?” And then proceeds to says if we say no then they won’t be able to afford the project and then says he’s sorry about how the fence situation went and hope we can move forward.


My husband comes and tells me and says he would be willing to say yes if they pay us and sign something saying they are liable for everything stemming from it but I can’t stop laughing. Literally no amount of money they would pay would convince me to say yes.

So aside from liability factor felt great to say sorry not happening. We received no response and needless to say we still don’t have a relationship with them.”

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