April 25, 2024 at 3:38 am

They Found Out Their Lazy Neighbor Was Stealing Their Electricity, So They Made Sure They Got Some Shocking Revenge

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Well, this is a new one…

I’ve heard of neighbors stealing a lot of things from each other, but electricity?

It happened!

And this person dealt with the situation brilliantly!

Check out what happened in the story below

Stealing electricity.

“So this happened about ten years ago.

I had a neighbor who was your typical can’t keep a job for long enough to pay for anything but it’s always someone else’s fault type of guy.

The previous tenants at my apartment had installed an RV hookup and when the neighbor didn’t pay his bill he simply wired his breaker panel to my 50 amp outlet. I am an engineer and have lots of random things laying around.

Not anymore!

So I checked to make sure the power company had isolated his service, then I wired up a transformer and plugged his cord into it.

This sent about 10,000 volts through every appliance in his house for just long enough to make sure that not even his cell phone would ever turn on again.

That worked!

The next week the pile of electronics on the curb was stunning. PlayStations, 6 TV sets, surround sound, computers, every appliance you name it, if it plugged in it was trash.”

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This individual said this revenge was NUCLEAR.

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Nice work!

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