April 24, 2024 at 10:22 am

Goodwill Shopper Was Horrified When A Needy Customer Was Denied Seventy-Five Cents. – ‘He was either homeless or he was in need of whatever he was trying to purchase.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

Americans give to charities that help those less well off every single day.

In doing so, people rightly expect those charities to actually, you know.

Help the needy.

At least, that’s what Goodwill shopper @big6oyace believed when he chose where to spend his money.

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

He admitted to his followers that he went to a store as he too needs to save on some shopping given high inflation.

But what he claimed he saw in this particular store put him off ever going again.

He even made his first clip to call out the employee who let the name of charity down.

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

The thrifty shopper said he saw a man who looked in need in the queue ahead of him.

The man was asking if a worker could help him out with 50 to 75c to buy an item he needed but couldn’t quite afford.

But the worker refused to and asked the customer to get out of line.

This shocked this poster to the core, and he called it out in no uncertain way in a clip that’s now gone viral.

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

“[He was an] older gentleman. He looked like he was either homeless or he was in need of whatever he was trying to purchase.”

He explained in a comment on his post later that he helped the guy out and paid for the item.

We need more people like you, Sir! Charity is something we should all be offering when we can.

Watch the full clip here:


I will not shop at a goodwill ever again 😤 #boycottGoodwill #Tampa#Florida#Thirft#Thrifted#ThriftStoreS#SupportSmallNonProfits

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Gotta give to charity!

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

Some folk getting very cynical over charity.

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

And here it is! Good guy.

Source: TikTok/@big6oyace

You have to research everything these days.

It’s honestly pretty exhausting.

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