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Vegan Aunt Forbids Meat In Her Home, So When Her Sister In Law Demands She Feed Her Kids Meat Products While Babysitting, She Refuses To Watch Them

by Ryan McCarthy

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There are a lot of different motives for someone to go vegan. But from ethical reasons to environmental reasons, I gotta give it up for the vegans, because I simply would not be strong enough.

Not only giving up meat, but giving up dairy? NO CHEESE? It’s like something out of a nightmare for a foodie such as myself.

And before all of you rush to tell me that there’s vegan cheese and vegan meat, I will tell you that there will always be more for you, because I will not be eating them!

But this vegan user ran into a problem when her sister-in-law demanded her kids eat meat while OP was watching them, despite her strong moral aversion to having meat in her home.

Check it out!

AITA for kicking out my sister in law for bringing meat into my home to feed her kids.

I am vegan. For my own personal ethical reasons. I have no problem with other people eating meat.

I have been watching my nephews on the weekends for the last few months to help my brother out.

Him and his wife work opposite schedules during the week and barely see each other. So the boys get dropped off with me on Friday night and get picked up Sunday night.

I feed them on Saturday and make them meals and an afternoon snack on Sunday.

OP said when she took the kids out, she had absolutely no problem with them eating meat.

My brother gives me some money to watch them but I don’t really need it and usually end up spending it on outings for the three of us.

Movies, the zoo, museums, that sort of stuff. I like being the fun aunt.

I do not limit what the boys eat. If we are out somewhere and they want a burger or chicken nuggets they get that.

But she admitted that when she cooked them dinner, the meals she made in her own home were vegan.

Well their mom found out that the meals at my home were vegan and she had a problem with that.

So she packed them snacks with meat. Like jerky and pepperoni sticks and string cheese.

I don’t want that in my house so I asked her to please not do it again. But she did.

So I said that until she understood my very simple rules I would not allow her in the house and I would not watch the kids.

But the kids’ Mom said that OP should be grateful for what they paid her to watch their kids.

She thinks I’m being an asshole because her children “need” meat. And that I should be grateful for the extra money I get for watching my nephews.

Once again I probably spend more on them every weekend than I get from my brother.

My parents know how I feel about meat. They know I won’t even get a dog or a cat as a pet because they need meat in their diets.

My brother has asked me to please go back to the way it was. I have no problem with that but he has to control his woman.


This one is tough. It seems contradictory to buy them meat products but still hold firm on this, but I understand not wanting meat in your house if you have such a strong moral stance on it.

Reddit was split, with some people thinking OP needed to respect their parents wishes, especially since it didn’t cause any extra work for OP.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But others thought that since it was OP’s home, it was her rules.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another user said if her dietary restriction was religious, than it would be totally inappropriate to bring restricted food into her home.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user said that she didn’t see a problem if the kids were getting meat 6/7 days of the week!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I don’t know, it sounds like OP and her sister might have some serious beef. Get it? Because she’s vegan?

I crack myself up.

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