April 14, 2024 at 12:58 am

What Medical Conditions Will Be Cured In The Next 50 Years? People Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

Science and research are moving at rapid paces in today’s world…and that’s a GREAT thing.

Things that were thought impossible even 10 years ago are now happening and hopefully, that translates to more and more diseases being cured.

AskReddit users spoke up about what they think will be cured in the next 50 years.

Let’s take a look…


“Huntington’s Disease.

Someone that worked for my company had it. His wife also had a genetic cancer that has a high chance to be passed on to the kids.

She passed away from it. He was now raising kids, knowing that he himself was slowly deteriorating, and knowing that his kids had a good chance of getting either that cancer, or Huntingtons or maybe even both.

He couldn’t handle it anymore and drove himself and his kids in a lake. Super horrible all around. Just such a hopeless situation.

As much as I don’t agree with how he took his kids with him, I actually understand why he did it.”

That’s good.

“Tooth decay. Yes, really.

Completely by accident, an investigational Alzheimer’s treatment was found to stimulate stem cells in the dentin of the teeth.”

Some of them.

“Some forms of cancer.

I have Smoldering multiple myeloma, which means I have a 10% chance of progression to MM per year. (The doctors are keeping a close eye on my blood work, MRI’s and PET scans, and I have excellent insurance)

Average live span used to be 2 years.

Now it’s treatable, and some people are living decades.”

Let’s hope so!

“Kidney desease.

I’m on tablets that half the rate of decline in my condition. Next gen or two of tablets will likely halt it.

Reminds me of the Star Trek film where they travel back in time to get a whale and McCoy gives tablets to a woman for kidney failure.

Almost there…”

A big one.


My daughter has had type 1 since she was 2.

Dr told her there would be a cure before she graduated. She is now 29.

I pray for this daily.”

A terrible disease.


Already vast improvements in our understanding of the brain and how to aid in healing of its “dying” regions.

Already promising studies using the simplicity of very focused shockwave treatments to help reverse the effects.”

A better way.

“The need for organ transplants.

Stem cell technology has the potential to grow whatever one would need.

I’m sure some peoples’ bodies will still reject organs that aren’t a perfect match but it’ll take the donation problem out of it.”

We need it.

“ALS- we need a cure.

My father passed away from ALS over 10 years ago and very little progress has been made.

Let’s hope we get the cure within the next 50.”



There are already some projects that can transform sound waves into magnetic impulses that your brain can “understand” it.

Most likely (or better said I hope so) in a few years everyone on earth will be able to hear and no one will be deaf, because it will be affordable then.”

Get fit!


There’s already medication out now that is very effective, but it can be expensive, and right now it’s hard to get ahold of. I was on Wegovy last year from March to April, lost 30 lbs, before I was unable to get it anymore due to shortages.

I’ve been on every diet and exercise you can think of, and nothing has even come close to how much I was able to lose on Wegovy. I’ve never actually felt “full” before using it, and it was incredible.

These drugs are so popular I bet every drug manufacturer is trying to dip their hands in the pot. Reducing obesity reduces the risk for just about every disease under the sun. I can’t wait until the supply catches up and I can continue actually being able to lose weight.”


“I hope Macular Degeneration.

It runs in my family.

A great uncle of mine ****** himself over it. My grandmother had it and now my dad does.

It’s sad to watch someone slowly lose their eyesight.”

The word is…

“Lyme disease! MrNA vaccines have opened up a world of new anti-bacterial tech.

The word is that this is a lifetime injection that would protect from Lyme.”

Wishful thinking.

“Life-threatening allergies, hopefully.

There is new research into the underlying causes of severe allergic reactions.

With the increasing prevalence of these, I think we will have a breakthrough on how to block the entire mechanism that causes anaphylaxis and even more minor forms of allergy.”

And then there’s this…


You can call me cynical or paranoid if you want but I believe that capitalism and big pharma will do everything in its power to prevent cures for any diseases.

There’s more money in treating a disease than curing it. Why cure a disease and bill the patient once, when you can treat them for life, and bill them every step along the way? A patient cured is a customer lost.”

Let’s hope so!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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