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She Keeps Getting Food Stolen From The Fridge, So She Teaches Her Vegetarian Roommates A Lesson By Putting Meat In Her Leftovers

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Many things can be shared in an apartment: Laundry detergent, toothpaste, heck, even clothes if your close enough with your roommates.

But one thing all roommates know to never touch. To never even THINK about touching, is someone’s food. Or at least they should.

If I’ve been thinking about my leftover buffalo wings all day, and I get home to find someone has cleaned the bones? Oh we’re fighting.

And unfortunately, this user was stuck with two vegetarian food leeches as roommates. So when they ate her food one too many times, she put meat in her leftovers to teach them a lesson!

Check it out!

I planted my stuffed cheese bread with meat so my vegetarian roommates stop eating my food without asking

As the title says, my roommates are vegetarian, and they still always eat my food. Our lease is almost up and I’m moving out in a couple weeks anyway.

A couple weeks ago, I got some cheese bread from a pizza place and only had a few pieces. I left the rest in the fridge so I could have it when I got home from work the next day.

Next day I get home, grab the box of cheese bread and open it, they left me ONE piece.

Mind you, I ate only a few pieces the previous day so I had about more than half remaining.

I’m angry just reading this. You don’t mess with someone’s food! So naturally OP had to get their revenge.

I asked if they ate it and they admitted to it because they were “drunk”. They always just eat my food if it can fit their vegetarian diet, and they never ask me.

Just a few months ago, I bought 10 boxes of Mac & Cheese cause they were on sale 10 for $10. They ate 8 boxes and I only had 2.

That was supposed to be a last resort option for me for when I didn’t have enough money or didn’t feel like making food.

AND, they never once offered me any of my food when they made it.

So the next time OP went to order takeout, they made a special request of the pizza place.

So today, I just went and got some pizza, bread & wings.

I already know they’re gonna eat the pizza and just take the meat off, however, I ended up getting stuffed cheese bread & I asked if they could put pepperoni inside of it.

The restaurant agreed. So now, I’m just waiting until my roommates get home and eat my stuff without telling me just so I can enjoy the satisfaction of telling them that they ate meat.

Don’t eat my food if you’re not gonna ask. F*** around=find out.

Pretty gangster move. Who knew someone could weaponize cheesy bread?

But seriously, don’t eat my food! I might be putting something much worse in my food if someone decided to just steal my cheesy bread.

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“Hello Domino’s? Yes a Meat Lover’s pizza please. Extra pepperoni. Extra sausage. Extra bacon. Thank you!”

Serves them right!

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