April 28, 2024 at 1:30 pm

Wife Won’t Go Home For Christmas Because She Thinks Her Husband Will Sell Their Cottage. Now He’s Mad She’s Demanding He Transfer Ownership To Her.

by Ashley Ashbee

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I’ve heard quite a lot that women should always have property in their name. I’m not sure that would help this situation in this story, where a woman who loves her cottage knows her husband wants to sell it.

I’d go farther than she did, though. I’d probably divorce him. Here’s what happened.

AITA for refusing to go home for Christmas so that my husband can’t sell our cottage?

When we got engaged, my husband bought my late grandmother’s former cottage as an engagement gift to me as the cottage meant a lot to me and I was devastated when our family lost it.

Your husband holds ill will for a place that gives you peace in hard times? Ugh! Sounds like he’s the cause of those “bad” times.

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time at the cottage and it’s become my safe haven for when things have been bad. My husband doesn’t like the cottage and I don’t think he ever expected me to spend so much time there.

This disgusts me. Yet another example of material generosity being used as a tool to manipulate someone. I feel so sorry for this woman.

I found out, by overhearing a phone call of his, that he was planning to secretly sell the cottage without telling me. When I asked him, he admitted it and wouldn’t reconsider no matter how much I begged him not to sell it.

How can he blame you? I’m sure he’d be devastated if you ruined his man cave.

Since our last argument over it, I’ve stayed at the cottage so that he can’t sell it.

I doubt he’ll change his mind. It’s a hard thing to give up, but I don’t see a way around this.

My husband is mad, especially since I’m refusing to come home for Christmas unless he transfers the cottage to me so that he can’t sell it, and is now threatening to knock the cottage down next year.

Let’s see what commenters thought of this situation.

Many people, like this one, seem to feel she forfeited her moral right to the cottage by spending so much time away from her husband, who bought it for her.
I got the impression that she might be escaping from emotional abuse.

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This solution could work. It would also give her more control of her life, which could help her mental health.

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This assumes her husband would be receptive. I don’t know how so many commenters can judge her without knowing what she means by “hard.”

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Good question. The absence of this information has prompted a lot of judgment. People get suspicious when there are holes in a story.

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Either couples therapy or therapy on her own would be good for her. This isn’t just about the cottage.

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Don’t leave holes in your story because anonymous people on Reddit will jump to conclusions.

I hope OP gets the help she needs.