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Her Parents Told Her They’re Going To Have Another Kid, But When She Says She’s Not Excited There’s Serious Drama

by Matthew Gilligan

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Everyone responds differently to big news.

For example, the teenager you’re going to hear from in this story from Reddit wasn’t too thrilled when her mom told her that she’s going to have a baby…

Did she act like an *******?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for having an underwhelming reaction to my mom being pregnant?

“My parents told me (15f) a few weeks ago that they’re expecting another baby.

This will be my first sibling and possibly only sibling because it took such a long time for my mom to have another baby.

She’s not feeling it…

I’ll admit to not being that excited. And that really hurt my mom’s feelings.

When they sat me down and told me I said oh and didn’t really react much but I was really surprised and also had like a lot of thoughts that happened so quickly and admittedly most of them weren’t that positive.

My mom was really upset by my underwhelming initial reaction and my parents aren’t super thrilled that after a few weeks I’m not more excited.

Times have changed…

My mom was crying the other night because 10ish years ago I used to beg for a sibling and now it’s finally happened and I’m not reacting like they wanted or expected.

My dad was so mad when mom cried to him and he told me how disappointed he was in me that I was underreacting so badly.

He said having a sibling is a blessing and our family is getting bigger and I wanted a sibling for such a long time when I was younger and now it’s like I don’t want one.


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Some serious family drama going on here…

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