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Woman Only Eats Spaghetti With Sauce Washed Off Her Noodles, But When Boyfriend Reveals He Hasn’t Put Sauce On Her Pasta For 3 Years She Freaks Out

by Ryan McCarthy

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People can be very particular about their food. I know people who won’t even touch beef with a little red in it, and I know others who practically want it mooing on their plate!

And after working in a restaurant, you see just about every weird eating habit in the book, including putting a whole shaker of parmesan cheese on pasta.

But this user enjoyed her pasta in an even stranger way, and it ended up causing a huge fight between her and her boyfriend!

While she thought he had been making her spaghetti just the way she liked it, with the sauce WASHED OFF the noodles, he actually revealed he was never putting any sauce on in the first place!

Check it out!

AITA for being mad my bf won’t make noodles the way I like

Okay this sounds dumb, but hear me out. I have always been a picky eater especially when it comes to tomatoes.

Ever since I was a kid my dad would make my spaghetti different from the rest of the house.

I like having an essence of the sauce flavor on the noodles but not the overpowering flavor having noodles bathed in sauce creates.

So, here’s where it gets a bit odd, my dad would separate my spaghetti from the families after putting the sauce on and then would rinse the sauce off with the sink and strainer.

Record Scratch. Not even just plain buttered noodles? A hint of an essence of a wisp of a tomato taste? But according to OP, her boyfriend originally thought this was “cute”.

I love noodles like this as it is a nice subtle tomato vibe given to the mild spaghetti.

He always told me my food habits were cute.

We have been dating for almost three years now and moved in together at the beginning of the pandemic so we could be in lock down together.

Ever since we moved in together he insisted on taking charge of cooking and all cooking related tasks (dishes, grocery shopping, etc).

He assigned me the role of cleaning the bulk of the apartment. We split other tasks pretty much 50-50 too.

And all that time, OP thought he had been making her spaghetti just the way she liked it. Keyword: thought.

Everything was perfect and he always SEEMED so be making noodles the way I liked them when we had them.

This was until last week when we last had spaghetti. We ate and everything was good but afterwards he started teasing me.

“You really like your pasta with an ‘essence’ of tomato” and “How was your tomato ‘essence’ babe?” Always using finger quotes around the word essence.

OP started to think he had done something to her beloved tomato noodles. And she was right.

After a few comments I felt something was off and asked him if he had done anything differently with tonight’s noodles than he usually does and he started laughing.

When he finally stopped laughing he told me the whole truth while smirking.

He said “I didn’t do anything different than I USUALLY do. I have never been making it the way you have requested”.

It turns out he had been tricking OP’s “sensitive palate” the entire time they had been dating, and she was furious!

Apparently the entire time we’ve been living together he’s just been skipping the pasta sauce on my noodles entirely!

He claimed that if I didn’t notice for this long then it shouldn’t matter that he is making dinner in a way that is easier for him. I disagree entirely.

I think the lying was a huge breach of trust and so was the refusal to make dinner how I wanted.

I have admittedly been acting passive aggressively to him since, but he thinks he did nothing wrong, that I’m overreacting, and that I need to let it go.


This is absolutely ridiculous. You want the sauce washed off your spaghetti in the sink, and then you get mad when your boyfriend doesn’t put any sauce on at all?

How is that any different than washing off the sauce?

Reddit was gobsmacked on this one, and many people said both of them sounded absolutely awful.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user was reminded of a similar trick her family played on her younger sister.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user recalled the line used on every young kid at least once in their life: “It’s chicken!”

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user told OP to ask her Dad if he actually washed the sauce off every time he made her “special pasta.”

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally this user agreed, saying unless OP’s Dad literally cooked the pasta in the sauce, it wasn’t soaking up anything!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Sounds like these two deserve each other. Enjoy your noodles you psychos!

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