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Contractor Took $2K From Him And Never Finished The Job, So He’s Spent The Past Three Years Making Him Regret It

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s a pretty open secret that finding a good, reliable, and timely contractor is about as hard as finding a unicorn these days.

So while you might not be surprised that one ripped you off, I imagine that doesn’t make it sting any less.

This man works in the concrete business and he hired someone who took his money and then stopped answering his calls.

Let’s take a look.

About 3 yrs ago I had a contractor rip me off about 2k here is my revenge its also still in play.

I’m in the concrete business if anyone gives me crap about how cruel I am. Oh well I still sleep pretty good at night.

He is not competition in my line of work he was someone I used to hire to pump crete.

He knew he messed up he said he would make it right and that was the last time he ever called me or answered a call from my real number.

So, he got a burner phone and started requesting his services at random job sites.

I downloaded a burner number app… so every few months I’ll call this guy from random number ask about his business and see if he would be willing do work for me.

He owns a concrete pumping co.

So sometimes I tell him I need a pump at so & so on a certain day ask if he’s cool with a check or should I hit the bank for cash.

Hook line and sinker…

He shows up and there’s no job, so he’s out the billable hours and the gas, etc.

Then he loads up his equipment and drives an hour to get to a job site that doesn’t exist.

I almost always send him somewhere I know he has to drive past a friend’s home or place of employment.

Friend then calls me and tells me D head contractor is almost to the site.

Sometimes he’ll change it up a little, too. Just for fun.

Every once in a while I’ll ask if he can provide a 10 man crew with the pump as its just me and grandpa putting in a garage and we are not that good.

It’s been going on for 3 yrs now labor, fuel, loss of real work… that 2 k has had to cost him well over 15k by now if not more.

Does Reddit think this guy is going too far? Let’s find out!

The top commenter doesn’t feel bad for the other guy.

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Word always gets around.

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There are just some people you don’t want to mess with.

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Sure, he could have gone this route.

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There are a lot of nuts out there.

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I mean, all’s fair in love and war, etc etc.

This takes some serious dedication.

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