May 29, 2024 at 4:34 pm

Coworker Wanted To Take Enough Office Cookies Home For Her Seven Kids, But Then She Got Upset When The Answer Was No

by Ashley Ashbee

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It can get complicated when you bring food in for your coworkers to share because everyone has a different relationship with the person who brought them.

But that’s not the only thing that complicates it.

Check out how this kind gesture of cookies turned into an office feud.

AITA for refusing to give my coworker my homemade biscuits (cookies)?

I (F27) have been working at my company for a few years and a couple of months ago “Mia” (F46) started working here.

I do not like her. We just don’t mesh well.

I bring in baked goods every now and then just as a treat for everyone in the office.

I like baking and they are always gone in a few days.

It’s unclear how many cookies her coworker thinks she made to justify the request that followed.

Last week I brought in ANZAC biscuits (cookies specifically for ANZAC day, a WWI memorial day for non Aus/NZ people).

When Mia had some, she asked if she could take some home for all her family.

If she had 1-3 kids then sure, but she has seven kids, her mother and husband at home and she was planning to take a biscuit each for all 10 of them.

I said no, that I brought them in for our team to share.

They never got along, but since the cookie incident, it’s gotten uglier.

She has been pretty nasty/rude since.

My boyfriend said I was probably the AH and should’ve just let her take them. He even suggested I apologize to keep the peace.

I don’t know. Am I the *******?

Here’s what the commenters had to say.

A lot of people were baffled by the entitlement and I was, too.

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There’s no way things could be fair if she’d had her way.

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Accurate. It happened a lot to me earlier in my career. Just say no.

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Haha agreed. I wonder why she’s factoring in his opinion.

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I think seeking to take half a batch of chewy cookies is a felony.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Just bake for yourself.

I do and it’s amazing.

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