May 23, 2024 at 6:26 pm

Waitress Shares Her Crazy Experience When A Customer Treated Her Horribly Because She Looked Like A Woman Her Ex Cheated With

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

This is a wild one, folks!

A woman named Syd who regularly shares videos about her waitressing experiences posted a TikTok about what happened when she had an unexpected experience with a customer.

Syd’s video is a skit where she plays herself as a waitress and the customer she had a run-in with.

The customer character was pretty rude and demanded, “New fork, now! Don’t do the rest just bring me a new fork and then we can do the rest.”

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

The customer also said, “Don’t rush us, we’ll start with a round of Diet Cokes” and added, “I want Diet Coke, not ice with Diet Coke” after she brought the drinks.

Syd’s waitress character finally asked the woman what the problem was and the customer responded, “Yeah, there’s a problem, you look exactly like the girl that my boyfriend just cheated on me with.”

The waitress asked, “So you’re treating me absolutely vile because I look like someone that’s in your life?” to which the customer responded, “Yes, you look like a lying, cheating, ***** that I know.”

There’s more to the story, but we’re gonna let you see how it all ended.

What a psycho!

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

Take a look at her video.


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Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

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Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

And one TikTokker said they wouldn’t put up with this.

Source: TikTok/@poorandhungry

That woman shouldn’t be able to leave the house again.

Good grief!

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